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About PLM Road Map 2018

PLM Road Map EMEA 2018
in collaboration with PDT Europe 2018

Digitalizing Reality—PLM's role in enabling the digital revolution

24 October | PLM Road Map | Le Méridien | Stuttgart | Germany - View conference program
25 October | PDT Europe | Le Méridien | Stuttgart | Germany - View conference program

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PLM Road Map EMEA in collaboration with PDT Europe, offers two unique events that will be of interest to the global PLM industry.

PLM Road Map EMEA 2018, in collaboration with PDT Europe 2018, is the must-attend event for PLM industry executives and PLM practitioners globally—providing independent education and a collaborative networking environment where ideas, trends, experiences, and relationships critical to the industry germinate and take root.

The theme for this year's conference is "Digitalizing Reality—PLM's role in enabling the digital revolution."

The digital enablement of key business processes is growing rapidly. At times, these developments seem to be moving at warp speed, are difficult to follow and understand, and are even more difficult to integrate into one’s business. The opportunities, however, are real and plentiful.

Take, for example, Industrie 4.0, a concept that started in Germany in 2011, and is now embraced around the world. Its core design principles are interoperability, information transparency (including the notion of the digital twin), technical assistance (augmenting humans in analysis and physical work), and decentralized decision making. Some view Industrie 4.0 as the convergence of information technology and operational technology—a bridging of digital and physical, cyber-physical production systems enabled by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). At a practical level, companies are looking to employ these processes and enabling technologies to facilitate mass customization, allowing them to make money while serving markets as small as one.

Additionally, the Internet of Things (IoT), which is widely being used to connect smart-connected devices, offers new opportunities for understanding how products are manufactured and used in the real world. Vast quantities of data will need to be captured, analyzed, combined with social and other real-world data, and presented to help humans to make better decisions more quickly. Predictive analytics and cognitive solutions can identify the best action needed to maintain, overhaul, or replace vital assets. In many cases, this action will be to allow the system to decide to act, especially in those situations where a human-in-the-loop may be too slow. Security is a good example where network intrusions can happen too fast for humans to respond quickly enough.

Digital twins will help companies better design products and their manufacturing processes, as well as helping to understand and maintain the product in use. Digital twins can be used early in development to test customer reactions to product concepts, and later in the lifecycle to support service. It is important to emphasize that while all use the same phrase, digital twin, these twins are fraternal. Solution providers, driven by their offerings, partnerships, and strategies, mean very different things when they use this phrase. Industrial firms just need to be sure that the parts of the lifecycle of most interest to them are the best supported by their chosen solution providers.

These new business concepts hold the promise of measurable business value and the companies that embrace them understand that it is possible to digitalize the real world. The question that often remains unanswered is “How long will these digital trends benefit the business? The answer is simple: “It depends on how well they are integrated into your business- and product strategies.” What we do know is that PLM is a core enabler of this product-centric digital world.

In a format that will offer a series of plenary and keynote sessions designed to facilitate conversations between presenters and conference participants, CIMdata’s PLM Road Map EMEA 2018 will bring together the perspectives of leading thinkers from the automotive and other industries who are expanding the value footprint of PLM and who are tackling the pain points that erode PLM’s value potential.


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