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2019 PLM Market & Industry Forum
"Augmented Intelligence: Applications Across the Product Lifecycle”

April 4 | North America (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)  [VIEW AGENDA] [COST/LOCATION] [REGISTER]
April 11 | EMEA (Frankfurt, Germany)  [VIEW AGENDA] [COST/LOCATION] [REGISTER]
April 15 | India (Pune) [MORE INFORMATION]
April 19 | China (Beijing )
April 24 | Japan (Tokyo) [MORE INFORMATION]

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About the PLM Market & Industry Forum

Dates & Locations

North America
Ann Arbor, MI USA
Thursday, April 4, 2019

Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt, GERMANY
Thursday, 11 April, 2019

Pune, India
Monday, April 15, 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019
Beijing, CHINA

Tokyo, JAPAN
Wednesday, April 24, 2018
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The idea of artificially intelligent beings dates back to at least 1872 and Samuel Butler’s utopian novel Erewhon. His vision, like many in fiction that came after, was that human kind was in danger of being supplanted by self-replicating machines. Today, it is the business press that is touting the eventuality that smart machines will replace humans in tomorrow’s factories and offices. The reality is somewhat less imposing, but, in many ways, potentially just as impactful.

Moore’s Law is the gift that keeps on giving, providing increasing computing, storage, and networking capabilities per unit cost and making these smart applications possible while also making it easy to interconnect them in ways we are just beginning to understand. In the 1980s, the hope was for general intelligence, with studies focusing on learning how humans process and access information and getting machines to replicate that process. While that led to some breakthroughs in natural language processing and knowledge representation, general intelligence was beyond our grasp. Successes by IBM with Deep Blue in chess and Watson on the TV show Jeopardy showed that computers could best humans on focused tasks. Google did them one better with their AlphaGo besting human champions in the famously complex board game Go. But intelligent applications are getting more ubiquitous. Most of us walk around with Siri or Google on our phones or have Alexa or Google waiting to be beckoned in our living rooms.

What about smart, connected applications in the product lifecycle? In fact, there are many use cases using different forms of artificial intelligence or machine learning. IBM is pushing Watson in a range of business applications, including to help evaluate the accuracy and completeness of requirements defined in product development. They are also using it to help companies easily adapt their products to seasonality, weather, and availability. Machine learning algorithms are helping to stitch together photographs into dimensionally accurate 3D representations. Image search is helping us find other instances of any graphic element, be it a picture found using Google image search, or a 3D design found using in a data management system. Some providers are looking past generative design, which creates new geometry in response to boundary conditions, to generative engineering of subsystems. The most fruitful applications to date are in the area of maintenance, where torrents of in-use data can help predict failure, even more important now that companies are betting their profits on product as a service.

In this industry leading forum, CIMdata will explore the applications of augmented intelligence across the product lifecycle. CIMdata believes that the work to date barely scratches the surface of what is possible. While humans might not be replaced, CIMdata agrees with the approach of many leading solution providers that machine intelligence will not replace us, but will augment us, helping us to quickly make the best possible decisions. With these talks CIMdata hopes to kickstart the conversation on engineering intelligent systems that can serve our needs and extend our capabilities.

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