CIMdata's Consultants
Senior, Experienced, and Professional

The core of CIMdata's business is our consulting organization. Our expertise is unrivaled and we have been leaders in the industry for more than 30 years. CIMdata consultants are senior, experienced professionals with diverse back­grounds. Having worked in manufacturing, engineering, management, and technology-based companies themselves, CIMdata consultants have a firsthand appreciation of the problems our clients face. Through their direct contact with organizations worldwide they have developed an understanding of the impact exerted by culture on business decisions, and the particular stresses that this places on organizations struggling to operate globally.

CIMdata consultants employ our world-class best practices strategic PLM consulting methodology and associated tools and techniques. Their expertise is anchored in solid industry research and is proactively transferred through comprehensive educational programs. Their professionalism assures that trust and confidentiality are the cornerstones of every client relationship.

CIMdata's Business Model
Consulting, Education, Research: A Range of Complementary Services

Since our founding in 1983, CIMdata has become a major resource in the use of PLM best practices and associated technologies in the support of major engineering and manufacturing enterprises worldwide. CIMdata’s strategic consulting, in-depth research, and educational services are based on proven methodologies for industrial organiza­tions and suppliers of PLM enabling technologies globally.

The price of excellence is vigilance. We know that our hard-won leadership in consulting can only be maintained by continually expanding our knowledge base and increasing our value to each and every client, and we achieve those objectives in several ways.


CIMdata’s primary business focus is consulting. Because our expertise is anchored in extensive experience and continuous vigilance, we are able to provide excellent support to our clients in strategic direction and vision, linking business to technology and solutions, and best practices.


As part of the total CIMdata support package, we conduct in-depth research on a broad spectrum of technologies and market developments with particular emphasis on those that address PLM. The intensive research conducted by our own consultants, and the resulting information, is channeled directly into current consulting services, our reports and publications, and the continuous contact with clients through member­ship in the CIMdata PLM Community.


Education has always been one of our top priorities. We deliver education through interna­tional conferences, roundtable discussions, an academically oriented PLM Certification Program, international seminars and events, and dedicated PLM education programs that are tailored for particular target audiences.

CIMdata's Industry Role
Guidance for Business Success

As the world leading strategic consulting and research firm fully dedicated to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), CIMdata helps enterprises improve their effectiveness and competitiveness. Through defining, implementing, and consistently applying a strategic PLM business approach, we help our clients increase both top and bottom line business benefits. Our services are focused on improving innovative capabilities over the full product lifecycle. In that respect, we help our clients optimize collaborative product-related processes, enhance the value of intellectual assets, reduce total product lifecycle costs, and leverage resources throughout the extended enterprise. In short, we help our clients successfully implement a strategic PLM business approach.

CIMdata's Unique Position
Services for Industrial Organizations and Solution Providers

CIMdata is a non-biased, independent, global consulting firm that has established itself as a world-leading source of information and guidance to both industrial organizations and suppliers of PLM technologies and services. The advantages to our clients are significant, since we can leverage what we learn from one group to help the other navigate an ever-changing environment. The fact that we are completely independent assures the highest level of confidentiality and objectivity.

CIMdata works with industrial companies, analyzing their operations, assessing their information needs, educating their staff, and helping them integrate research, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, in-field service, and other product lifecycle functions with appropriate, cost-effective, and productive solutions that enable PLM.

CIMdata also works with solution providers who rely on our strategic consulting and research services to provide insight into user needs and requirements, to identify new market opportunities, and to improve their market strategies and product programs. CIMdata provides quantitative data on shipments, installed base, revenue forecasts, market segmentation; and publishes reports about state-of-the-art technology, commercial systems, market developments, competitive information, and pricing. CIMdata serves clients worldwide from offices in the United States, Europe, and Japan.