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About 3D PDF Consortium

The 3D PDF Consortium is a non-profit community of users, software developers and solution providers committed to accelerating adoption of 3D PDF enabled solutions through:

  • Defining true industry needs
  • Prototyping and validating implementations
  • Providing input to the standards development process
  • Raising awareness of the possibilities and returns


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How 3D PDF Applies to the Aerospace & Defense Industry

3D PDF is a standard similar to STEP and JT in some ways, but dramatically different in other ways. Some of similarities and differences are shown below. In many respects, they are complimentary and can work well together to build a seamless information infrastructure with very little investment by using PDF, which nearly all Aerospace and Defense companies already use.

Like STEP and JT, 3D PDF is a standard that contains the following:

  • Precise BREP geometry representation
  • Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)
  • ISO Standard certification

Like STEP, 3D PDF has:

  • Long Term Archiving Capabilities
  • Service and Maintainability Information

To aid in re-purposing Product Information throughout the enterprise, 3D PDF also contains the following:

  • Audio and Video Support
  • Javascript Support
  • Document-based representation
  • Comments, Watermarks, and Navigation
  • Combined metadata, unstructured data, and geometry
  • Digital Signatures and Security
  • Forms-based Processing
  • Universal Clients

Since 3D PDF contains all these features and because 3D PDF is already contained within PDF, it is possible for large and small companies to implement the technology seamlessly to support the flow of information at a minimum cost.

The benefits to the enterprise can be enormous. For example:

  • Since PDF is an electronic document format that includes support for interactive 3D engineering content, it enables the creation of use-case specific document templates which include custom dynamic behavior
  • Publishing data for consumption in 3D PDF enables organizations to reach more people at lower costs
  • 3D PDF leverages MBD data to provide increased clarity of design data, resulting in fewer errors and less rework
  • 3D PDF Encapsulates all of the data (2D, 3D, metadata, audio, product structure, text, line of business data) required to support virtually any workflow
  • 3D PDF allows to the inclusion of STEP data as part of a package capable of being archived or provided as a TDP or regulatory compliance submission
  • These well-structured 3D PDF documents are really small applications built on the 3D PDF platform that target very specific role-task combinations in a business process

The result for some companies is:

  • Reduced document exchange cycles from as long as 20 days to 1 day
  • Improved accuracy and timeliness of input from reviewers
  • Eliminated errors from manual data entry by automating data capture
  • Shortened product time to market with accelerated document exchange
  • Increased competitiveness of manufacturers

For these reasons and many more, 3D PDF is rapidly picking up new customers in the Aerospace and Defense industries. To see some of the use cases and to find out how you can take advantage of the technology, please visit us at

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