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As an independent company, with strong, long standing business relationships with all major CAD vendors, Theorem Solutions are able to objectively offer best in class data exchange solutions and services. Theorem’s broad portfolio supports CAD, Visualization, and Publishing formats, with additional support for the processing of Model-Based Definition information from native CAD in to a variety of formats: 3D PDF, 3DXML, Creo View, JT. Theorem is in the best position to help meet many use case requirements for organizations of all sizes whilst reducing costs, time-to-manufacture, improving quality, and safe guarding Intellectual Property.


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JT Products

Theorem Solutions JT product portfolio, part of the Visualize 3D suite offers users direct translation capabilities of 3D CAD data in to the JT format for the purpose of Visualization. Theorem’s JT products all support the processing of Model Based Definition (MBD) information from the native 3D CAD file helping to improve and accelerate the design, manufacturing and inspection process. Using the lightweight JT file format as the method to send 3D model data to manufacturing can also save on CAD license costs and resources. The JT format allows MBD specific views to be presented so that time and expense is saved by not having to traverse complex CAD applications to get the information required. JT applications allow views and sections to be viewed and interrogated and the filtering out of company data safeguards Intellectual Property.

Publish 3D – 3D PDF

Theorem’s Publish 3D product suite enables the creation and enrichment of PDF documents with interactive 3D content directly from native CAD data. The 3D representation contained within the PDF file supports Model Based Definition information from source CAD. Creating interactive documents containing MBD information creates a greater understanding of the product as information such as dimensional, tolerance, and surface finish is available. Additional information can also be attached to the document e.g. spreadsheets and drawings, reducing ambiguity. The 3D information can be viewed and interrogated alongside other important information contained within the document and shared without knowledge of specialist viewing applications. All that’s required to view the data is access to Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader. Documents can be password protected to improve security and whilst a 3D representation is being exchanged, native CAD data is never accessible, therefore securing IP and design intent.

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