PLM Road Map™ 2015 for the High Tech Electronics Community

Innovating in a Nanosecond World: How PLM Makes Innovation and Collaboration for the High Tech Electronics Industry Repeatable, Sustainable, and Scalable

June 16, 2015 | The Biltmore Hotel & Suites | Santa Clara | California (8:00 am - 5:00 pm)

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PLM Road Map 2015 for the High Tech Electronics (HTE) community is the must-attend event for HTE industry executives and PLM practitioners globally—providing independent education and a collaborative networking environment where ideas, trends, experiences, and relationships critical to the high tech industry germinate and take root. The theme for this event is “Innovating in a Nanosecond World: How PLM Makes Innovation and Collaboration for the HTE Industry Repeatable, Sustainable, and Scalable.”

The high tech industry is cyclical in nature, with extremely short development cycles, and has complex integrated and collaborative supply chain models. Additionally, high tech companies tend to have multiple technical disciplines and tools. Regulation and compliance issues play an increasing role with complex restrictions that must be efficiently and accurately addressed. This industry-focused PLM Road Map event will explore these challenges and others including: the causes for frequent design delays and sub-par product innovation that result when innovation must accelerate in this increasingly complex environment; and how PLM can and should play a key role in enabling innovation.

Product development today is a set of discrete processes and deliveries around specifications and intellectual property (IP) exchange. Design reviews and delivery schedules drive IP development and exchange. Some industries are moving towards a more continuous model, with more synchronous collaboration and, in the case of software, continuous product delivery. Presentations will cover topics relevant to innovation, time-to-market, and the circular economy by touching on the following themes:

Topics to be discussed at PLM Road Map for the HTE Community

  • The evolution and expansion of collaboration to co-development across the value chain, from ideation to retirement. High tech companies have led the way with collaboration, but many struggle with issues of IP protection, security, and shared information management.
  • Many high tech companies are on either first- or second-generation PLM implementations that they have largely failed to optimize or fully leverage.
  • Many high tech companies are dealing with spin-offs and divestitures and need to plan how to manage the division of intellectual assets and enterprise systems.
  • The products themselves are changing. More industries are looking to deliver products as services, changing the economics, business models, and lifecycle planning for new offerings.
  • Within high-tech PLM enabling technologies supporting innovation and product development are disparate even within a single enterprise, lacking integrations, best practices, and consistency.
  • Continually changing regulations and a generation of products that need renewed certifications are driving an ongoing evolution of compliance reporting needs.
  • The Internet of Things, extending to more and more devices, is revolutionizing the need to enable and manage new data sets around use and service information.