PLM Road Map™ 2016 for the Aerospace & Defense Industry
in collaboration with PDT Europe

8 November | PLM Road Map | Renaissance Paris La Defense | Paris | France - View conference program
9-10 November | PDT Europe | Renaissance Paris La Defense | Paris | France - View conference program

What are the Benefits of Attending PLM Road Map for the Aerospace & Defense Industry in collaboration with PDT Europe?


How do you develop a meaningful global transformation and implementation framework for your A&D company? You will take away a road map of actionable items that will enable the meaningful transformation of your A&D enterprise.


How often are you able to spend meaningful time away from the day-to-day distractions of work while having the opportunity to network with a large group of like-minded peers? You will have plenty of time to focus on the tough issues while making valuable connections and additions to your network.


Product development continues to evolve at a rapid pace but how do you keep up with all the trends and changes? At PLM Road Map for the A&D Industry in conjunction with PDT Europe you will have the opportunity to listen to our top-of-class A&D focused speakers and world class CIMdata experts as they share with you their successes and experiences of making the technology work in the A&D industry.

It's about COMMUNITY

Do you ever feel that the PLM events you attend leave you out in the cold after they end? At PLM Road Map this will not happen as attendees are part of the wider CIMdata PLM Community. PLM is CIMdata's business, day in, day out – period.


Do you feel vulnerable to competitor innovation challenges and want information on what will be available tomorrow – today? You will have the opportunity to meet with the A&D industry’s top solution providers to find out what is available now, and what to expect in the future, allowing you to make innovative choices ahead of the competition.


How do you make effective decisions in uncertain times that involve constantly having to deliver more with less? Develop a clearer understanding of what the future holds so that you can drive change today.

It‘s about RELEVANCE

Do you feel that you must be the only person experiencing a specific set of challenges? You will find a wealth of shared ideas and experiences that are relevant to you and the A&D industry now.




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