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Geometric is a specialist in the domain of engineering and PLM solutions, services, and technologies. With a rich experience of over 20 years in the automotive industry, Geometric is a global partner to the top 12 automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. It’s portfolio of innovative automotive services and solutions, enables automotive leaders to formulate, implement, and execute winning strategies defined by accelerated innovation, intensified collaboration, and continuous cost improvement—empowering them to successfully respond to the rapidly changing business dynamics

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GeometricEDGE® – Enabling Data Exchange for Global Engineering

Data exchange challenges due to inherent differences in the product development methodologies and systems are limiting the ability of OEMs to successfully realize partnerships or joint ventures, both key to addressing the changing market environment.

GeometricEDGE is a collaboration platform that enables process based design and engineering data exchange to move securely between partners for global engineering. It’s flexible process orchestration helps partners establish collaborative environments faster while limiting the risks associated with differences in processes, practices, and tools. GeometricEDGE enables customers to audit the data using an administrator user interface maintaining control over the data exchange process. Extensive data exchange analytics provide visibility into data sharing patterns and opportunities for further optimization. The solution can be easily configured for newer partnerships and/or joint ventures and can be deployed on-premise or a on a private cloud for scalability.

DFMPro® – Design Right, First Time

Increasing product complexity coupled with retiring experienced people is leading to greater pressure on automotive engineering organizations. Product design takes 5% of the total time in the product life cycle but has a 70% or more impact on the overall product life cycle cost. With 30-50% of product development time spent on rework, expensive engineering changes introduced at later stages of the product lifecycle leads to delayed product launch and cost over-runs.

DFMPro, a CAD integrated design for manufacturing software, enables engineering executives to make informed design decisions by identifying and addressing downstream manufacturability, assembly, quality, serviceability, (DFx) related issues upfront thus, reducing unnecessary rework and engineering changes. It helps to reduce development time, minimize cost, and ensures a smooth transition into production resulting in improved time-to-market.

DFMPro comes with best practices for manufacturing processes such as injection moulding, casting, sheet metal fabrication, and assembly. For further information visit

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