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To remain competitive, manufacturers are implementing MBE, advanced simulation and PLM initiatives supported by best-in-class engineering systems. When product data interoperability issues threaten to impede the progress of these initiatives, you need a partner with proven experience. We are product data interoperability experts specializing in conversion, integration, validation and migration solutions. Our customers recognize the value in having a trusted solution partner that provides more than just software. ITI solves complex product data interoperability problems so that the world’s leading manufacturers can focus on making great products. You need to keep your initiatives moving forward. Let ITI help create momentum. For more information, visit


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If the model is the master, then downstream modifications must be reconciled with the product design model. When you integrate all phases of the product lifecycle, then the design model must be reusable. CADIQ, a vendor-neutral application, identifies model-based design (MBD) data quality issues that impact downstream reuse for tooling, simulation and data exchange.

CADIQ compares geometry, assembly structure, design features and product manufacturing information among related models to identify significant differences. These are summarized in statistical reports and visualized with interactive 3D graphics. When design problems are diagnosed on the manufacturing floor, CADIQ can effectively communicate them to engineering using 3D PDF. Engineers responsible for long- term data archival and retention (LOTAR) use CADIQ to validate neutral file conversions of 3D CAD models. If needed, additional data can be added to the archive, enabling comprehensive validation of the retrieved model in a future CAD system.


CADfix removes the barriers that prevent reuse of solid models. By providing an extensive set of geometry manipulation tools for importing, repairing, and exporting data, CADfix maximizes the reuse of CAD data in downstream applications.

By detecting and repairing a range of CAD geometry issues, our user-friendly wizard interface ensures that the model is correctly defined and suitably flavored for the downstream application. CADfix also offers model de-featuring utilities, which are popular with CAE analysis users who require automated de-featuring operations.

CADfix is packaged as a desktop or server solution, with extensible modular functionality dependent upon the end user’s source and target systems. The application may be integrated into PLM or workflow automation tools. CADfix also serves as a pre-processor within proprietary CAE-centric OEM applications.


In order to save time and money while preserving intellectual property, manufacturers must re-use CAD data, especially as they migrate to a new CAD system or acquire businesses with product lines designed in a different CAD system.

Proficiency is a feature-based software that enables the transfer of complete design intelligence between major CAD systems with up to 100% automation and enhanced efficiency. By providing fully functional models in the target CAD systems that retain the original product knowledge, Proficiency maximizes CAD data re-use and offers a reliable basis for further development. Geometry, features, history, sketch relations, manufacturing information, metadata, assembly information and drawings seamlessly transfer between CAD systems. Design teams can easily understand issues related to modeling practices.

Proficiency also offers source data auditing and automated conversion reporting, including feature validation and transaction records. Proficiency converts high-quality CAD models without losing workability or manufacturing data.

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