About Configit

Configit provides manufacturing companies with the most robust configuration platform in the industry. We do this as a trusted leader through powerful technology and proven reliability.

Today’s interconnected world requires speed, accuracy and efficiency. To be competitive, people, processes and systems must be aligned. Configit enables companies to meet these demands.

We build configuration solutions for manufacturing companies to master the challenges of getting configurable products and services to market faster, and to sell, manufacture, and service them more effectively. Trusted by global Fortune 500 companies for their mission-critical functions, our advanced configuration platform handles the most complex products on the market.

Every day, we are entrusted with billions of dollars’ worth of configurations, delivering significant value to our customers.


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Featured Solutions

CPQ: Configure, Price, Quote

Configit CPQ software enables you to produce more accurate quotes, faster, leading to increased revenues and lower cost of doing business.

Configuration Lifecycle Management

One single platform to manage configuration rules across all your business functions


Featured Publications

Configuration Lifecycle Management: Seamlessly Connecting the Disconnected