About Configit

Configit was founded in 2000 as a direct result of groundbreaking academic research by Professor Henrik Reif Andersen and PhD Henrik Hulgaard. Since that time, it has prospered under a highly academic staff of developers and software engineers.

All Configit products are based on the patented technology Virtual Tabulation. This technology has redefined what is possible with configuration in terms of complexity and speed, and enables Configit to make software that can handle and utilize complex product configurations in a way that is both powerful to business and easy to use.

Through cooperation with clients, Configit takes pride in helping organizations with complex configuration problems, as well as participating in shaping the future of configuration software.


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Featured Solutions

CPQ: Configure, Price, Quote

Configit CPQ software enables you to produce more accurate quotes, faster, leading to increased revenues and lower cost of doing business.

Configuration Lifecycle Management

One single platform to manage configuration rules across all your business functions


Featured Publications

Configuration Lifecycle Management: Seamlessly Connecting the Disconnected