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HCL Technologies (HCL) is a leading global IT services company that helps global enterprises re–imagine and transform their businesses through digital technology transformation. HCL operates out of 32 countries and has consolidated revenues of US$7.2 billion, for the 12 Months ended 30th June, 2017. HCL focuses on providing an integrated portfolio of services underlined by its Mode 1–2–3 growth strategy. Mode 1 encompasses the core services in the areas of Applications, Infrastructure, BPO and Engineering & R&D services, leveraging DRYiCE™ Autonomics to transform clients' business and IT landscape, making them 'lean' and 'agile'. Mode 2 focuses on experience–centric and outcome–oriented integrated offerings of Digital & Analytics, IoT WoRKS™, Cloud Native Services and Cybersecurity & GRC services to drive business outcomes and enable enterprise digitalization. Mode 3 focuses on internal IP creation as well as innovative IP–based partnerships to build products and platforms business.


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GeometricEDGE is a collaboration platform that enables process-based design and engineering data exchange securely between partners for global engineering. The solution is based on industry and de-facto standards like STEP AP242, ISO JT, BPEL, XML. Its flexible process orchestration helps partners establish collaborative environments faster while limiting the risks associated with differences in processes, practices, and tools. GeometricEDGE allows customers to persist and audit the data using an administrator user interface maintaining control over the data exchange process. Extensive data exchange analytics provide visibility into data sharing patterns and opportunities for further optimization. The solution can be configured for newer partnerships / joint ventures easily and can be deployed on-premise or on a private cloud for scalability.


PANGEA is a distributed analytics workbench to get quick and accurate big data insights. PANGEA is built on industry leading big data technologies that bring the power of machine learning to big data and makes data analytics easier than ever before. PANGEA is modular, flexible, and integrates seamlessly with existing Big Data infrastructure. PANGEA can be installed either on existing infrastructure or can be accessed as a hosted service. It can also connect to a multitude of data sources ensuring security at rest and in transit. The platform uses the complete data (not just the subset) and provides code-less access to high performance analytics algorithms for model building. The models then can be deployed to the target environment.


IoT WoRKS™, a dedicated IoT business unit of HCL, enables organizations to create best–in–class business solutions by maximizing effectiveness and returns on their asset investments. These solutions enable IoT led business transformation through the creation of more efficient business processes, new revenue streams, and business models that deliver measurable business outcomes. The transformative impact of IoT is realized by IoTizing the ‘things’, connecting the assets to a data platform, and then using the data to derive business insights and take business decisions which ultimately lead to change in enterprise’s processes and people practices.

IoT WoRKS™ offers end–to–end IoT services for organizations across the three phases – Define, Build & Run, to help design enterprise IoT strategy, and develop and run the IoT systems for realizing business value. Recognized as a market leader in IoT by four leading analyst firms, IoT WoRKS™ continues to strengthen its leadership position in the fast growing global IoT services and consulting market.

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