A Forum for Setting HTE Industry Direction on PLM-Related Requirements, Standards, and Research

CIMdata’s High Technology Electronics PLM Action Group (Action Group) provides a unique opportunity for High Technology Industry leaders to maximize the benefits they receive from their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) related investments. Enrollment is open to major high technology electronics companies and selected related industry companies who wish to collectively address current PLM-related challenges, close technology gaps, expose needed standards, and co-sponsor collaborative research with CIMdata. Participation enables members to make more informed business decisions by providing timely and valuable information, insights, and advice, while networking with companies with similar PLM challenges. Additionally, annual participation in this action group facilitates an on-going working relationship with CIMdata that strengthens and enhances the value of support available to your team.

Features & Benefits of Participation Include:

Generalized Deliverables:

Personalized Deliverables Include:

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