The more you read about industrial sustainability and the circular economy the more you hear about corporate leaders who are readying their companies to take advantage of the transformational opportunities that will undoubtedly become available. All this has implications and opportunities for PLM. Most apparent is the need to embed the end of a product's useful life through the creation of innovative new products while at the same time supporting the full lifecycle. Those companies able to do this will be rewarded.

For more information take a look at CIMdata's Dossier on this topic.

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A CIMdata Dossier: The Circular Economy

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Circularity Indicators

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation (registration required)
Towards the Circular Economy Vol.1: Economic and business rationale for an accelerated transition
Towards the Circular Economy Vol.2: Opportunities for the fast-moving consumer goods sector
Towards the Circular Economy Vol.3: Accelerating the scale-up across global supply chains

McKinsey & Company
Towards the Circular Economy

The main idea of ZeroWIN is that waste prevention has to be seen from a holistic perspective to make it work efficiently and effectively. 

The Guardian
Guardian Sustainable Business


Havard Business Review Blog
Is Your Company Ready for the Circular Economy?

World Economic Forum

China Circular Economy

International Institute for Sustainable Development
The circular economy hub

Europe 2020

The Aldersgate Group

The Club of Rome

The Guardian
Business leaders in Davos keen to mainstream circular economy