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 PDF Key takeaways: Increasingly, engineering designs comprise procured-in components and whole sub-modules from external companies. Today, final manufactured products are designed and built by a diverse distributed network of individuals and teams. Development of products involves a diverse Product Stakeholder Network of people who collaborate on ideas and content, and who make decisions that influence the final product. The Product Stakeholder Network determines final product definition, including procured-in content, and is especially prevalent in industries such as traditional manufacturing, consumer goods, and mechatronics. In this new age of global collaboration, organizations face internal impediments due to the way they’re structured by departments which evolved over decades without consideration for inter-departmental and company-to-company collaboration. The market needs a solution that supports informal P2P collaboration across these boundaries, yet also maintains a persistent record of Why, How, What, and by Whom decisions were made. Introduction Conventional thinking has us believe that products are conceived, developed, and made by the product brand
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 PDF Key takeaways: One of SOLIDWORKS' stated "big ambitions is…to be the Amazon for your ideas and dreams to design and make." Dassault Systèmes' continued investment in SOLIDWORKS illustrated its strategic commitment to add value for SOLIDWORKS' users and ensure that SOLIDWORKS remains a design platform of choice. SOLIDWORKS and its partners continue to emphasize additive manufacturing as a major area of investment, development, and enablement. The 20th annual SOLIDWORKS World conference was held February 4-7, 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California. A large and enthusiastic crowd of more than 5,000 SOLIDWORKS users attended the conference. Over the course of the four-day event attendees heard from more than a dozen keynote speakers, as well as had the opportunity to attend more than 200 breakout sessions where additional insight could be gained in a wide range of topics (e.g., design, manufacturing, 3D CAD, simulation, electrical design and schematics, communications, collaboration, and data
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Thursday, March 01, 2018

HCL's DFx Insights '18 (Commentary)

 PDF Key takeaways: CIMdata was impressed by the level of satisfaction displayed by HCL customers including presenters from major US industrial users. DFMPro's new costing module extends the suite of Design For X (DFx) applications to help companies determine what a product should cost. Many customers noted that every very experienced organization made the same DFx mistakes over and over, likely due to the ad-hoc way DFx knowledge is shared and used within organizations. CIMdata attended the DFMPro annual user meeting, DFX Insights '18, in downtown Detroit at the Renaissance Center. The one-day event was focused on the DFMPro application, one of several products from HCL. The event is billed as one "that connects industry leading product design experts, technologists, and thought leaders." Attendees from automotive, A&D, construction equipment, high-tech electronics, and leading companies from other industries gathered to discuss their experiences and learn. DFMPro is a design validation solution that helps ensure that designs can
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