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Rich Eckenrode


Rich Eckenrode, President & Principal Consultant, RECON Services Incorporated

Rich Eckenrode is president and principal consultant of RECON Services Incorporated. Rich has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing, both operations and engineering. Rich has been using CAD/CAM systems for over 24 years. Using UniGraphics, the precursor to Siemens NX, Rich quickly advanced to the top of the CNC programming department providing assistance to other programmers and creating automation routines to ensure a leaner and efficient programming experience for himself and other CNC programmers. Rich also provided CNC G-Code checking services to help ensure everyone’s programs had a better chance of running successfully in the shop.This duty led to creating automation routines that would “read” CNC programs to fix some problems and to flag for the programmer other issues. Rich also created CNC programs for the largest and most complex jobs at his company.

Rich was the programmer for the Paladin A6 turret retrofit. Paladin was an upgrade to M109A5 self- propelled Howitzer. While creating the CNC program for the A6 turret, Rich’s company was retrofitting a machine tool with a new updated control. Rich provided services to the maintenance department and the machine control OEM to ensure the machine tool was set up and programmed at the executive control level to be accurate enough to perform the completion of the A6 turret. Additionally, it required 3D dynamic offsets and programming to compensate for complex 3D multiple plane programming. There were also several 3D 5-axis programming sequence that required complex 3D dynamic pictorial sets and special probing to determine locations.

Rich also programmed the M88 to be completed on the large bridge CNC machine. This program effort was a success that started after the company and machine tool OEM gave up on the first attempt. After 9 years of helping CNC programming department become a state-of-the-art department, Rich was promoted to manufacturing engineering where his tasking was to help automate the change control process. (This was before PLM was a common tool.) Rich helped write specifications for change control system prior to PLM (Product Life-cycle Management) being introduced and taking over this process.

Rich was tasked with special projects where new software tools were evaluated for introduction to the manufacturing/engineering tool set.

Over 10 years ago, a special project Rich picked up was Army ManTech to refine processes to be used on a program called Future Combat Systems. This was the start of MBE (Model Based Enterprise) and MBD (Model Based Definition) projects under the US Army MANTECH research programs. For nine years Rich helped to push technology from Parametric Technology Cooperation and Adobe to the point that PTC does MBD very well and 3D PDFs are an excellent tool for light viewing. During this MBE Man- Tech project, Rich led a team that provided software specifications and created work flow processes which reported the use and growth of the software tools and processes that use these tools. Rich led several thrusts of the MBE projects, both development and implementation. In the course of nine years, Rich led the development and implementation projects totaling nine million dollars.

At the end of 2010 Rich formed RECON Services with the intent of providing services to help initiate technology improvements in the manufacturing sector of industry, government and the software industry that would allow MBE / MBD to become fully realized within the American Manufacturing Base. Rich has now spent over five years assisting government and industry in the improvement of software and processes which use that software.

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