Don Farr is a Senior Technical Fellow at Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T) in the Systems, Support, and Analytics Integrated Technology Team in Huntsville Alabama. He is currently working on implementing Model-Based Engineering approaches using BCA/BDS uses through a representative Enterprise Digital Thread. Don's first assignment in Huntsville was the development and integration of an advanced discrimination technology into the Missile Defense architecture. This technology required significant changes to the Radar systems, Command and Control system, and Ground-Based Mid-course Defense fire control system, including the interceptors.

Don joined the Technical Fellowship Program as an Associate Technical Fellow while he was working on the advanced communication system on the Comanche helicopter program. He became a Technical Fellow when he was developing technology for Network Centric Operations (NCO) demonstrations. He received recognition as the Boeing expert for digital communication and multilevel security on the Comanche helicopter and as one of Boeing's leading experts in NCO technology development and integration.

Don earned his BSEE at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, specializing in digital communications and computer architectures. He went on to complete an advanced degree in electrical engineering at the University of Delaware in Newark, also specializing in digital communications.