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21 October 2004

Implementation Investments

Corrada Implements UGS Solution to Increase Productivity and Competitiveness Agreement Includes the Implementation of UGS' NXT Solutions

UGS announced that Corrada, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of carbide progressive dies to blank magnetic laminations, adopted UGS' NXT digital product development system in an effort to increase productivity and competitiveness.

The agreement includes the installation of thirteen NX sites by June 2005. NX is a next-generation digital product development system that helps companies transform the product lifecycle. NX touches the full range of development processes in product design, engineering and manufacturing. NX allows clients to conceive, design, engineer and validate discretely manufactured products - and capture their product definitions - in a fully digital environment.

"Corrada selected UGS' NX to help increase productivity and competitiveness while maintaining our high standards of innovation in the strategic area of design," said Bruno Corrada, IT program manager for EUROGROUP. "UGS' NX products provide us with numerous benefits. The dies manufactured by Corrada are often unique pieces, rather than series products, so by implementing the UGS solution, we will develop the best methods to leverage the similarities between the designs of different dies, reduce design times and improve the quality of our designs. In addition, NX will help us deal with an increasingly unpredictable business by effectively simplifying the changes that are often requested after the design work has already started. Finally, we hope to optimize computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) integration. This means, for instance, that a change to the 3D CAD design will be directly reflected into the programming of numerical control (NC) machinery for the production of die components."

"NX has a full range of easy-to-use features for the creation, simulation and verification of NC tool paths," said Franco Megali, sales manager, UGS Italy. "These features were developed to meet the requirements of key production areas, offering process-oriented solutions that allow companies to develop and manufacture any object efficiently, from holes to airfoil sections, with applications including planar milling, 3-axis contouring, multi-axis milling, wire EDM, turning and milling/turning operations."

Founded in 1933, Corrada is a global leader in the design and production of carbide progressive dies to blank magnetic laminations and to produce interlocked stacks of magnetic laminations for motors, transformers, meters and ignition coils. CORPACK® is the registered trade name of Corrada interlock carbide dies which produce lamination stacks during blanking. Corrada also produces diecast molds for electric motor rotors. Corrada exports 65 percent of production into 33 countries worldwide. In Italy, it is based in Lainate (Milan) and Caronno Perusella. The company obtained the ISO 9001 certification in 1998.

In 1987, Corrada became a member of the industrial group EUROGROUP, a supplier of rotary electric equipment (electric motors and generators), an integrated package of highly qualified products and services such as blanked magnetic laminations and lamination stacks for electric machinery, carbide blanking dies, diecast molds for rotors, diecast rotors and special machines.

Corrada is based in Italy with a 4,000 square meter site for die production in Lainate (Milan) and another 3,000 square meter facility in Caronno Pertusella, where a press shop floor is dedicated to the final tryout of dies and the production of blanked magnetic laminations and CORPACK® lamination stacks.


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