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04 November 2004

Product News and Offerings

Captiva's InputAccel for Invoices Enhanced to Offer Advanced Automated Data Capture

Captiva Software Corporation announced the availability of InputAccel for InvoicesT 1.1, a new, more powerful version of its automated invoice capture solution.

This version of InputAccel for Invoices recognizes information from up to ten of the most common invoice data fields and line item details - without the use of templates and requiring no system training, learning or other vendor-specific set-up. Two new SAP connectivity offerings have also been added: Archive ExportT for exporting images to any image repository using the SAP®   ArchiveLink® HTTP protocol; and A/P ConnectT—a SAP-certified integration for two-way communication of vendor, purchase order and invoice data with R/3®-SAP's enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform.

"The automated processing of invoices has traditionally posed a significant problem for organizations because solutions typically are unable to capture invoice data without tedious set-up and system training on the geometries of each vendor's invoices," said Jim Nicol, Captiva's Executive Vice President of Product Development. "The new features we've added to InputAccel for Invoices advance the state-of-the-art in template-free invoice data capture, enabling customers to speed invoice workflow, reduce costs and improve the accuracy of financial reporting statements as mandated by regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley. In addition, our integration products for SAP, one of the world's leading ERP software providers, should make our solution extremely attractive to a vast audience of potential customers."

InputAccel for Invoices transforms paper invoices into a digital image that can be exported into any image repository or enterprise content management (ECM) system. It employs concurrent forms processing and intelligent document recognition technologies to capture data such as the invoice number and date, the vendor, the purchase order number, the account number, the total amount and now shipping, tax and line-item information. The system then exports this information to ERP, accounts payable (A/P) and other back-end systems. By utilizing connectivity to accounting data, InputAccel for Invoices automatically compares and validates the invoice information against purchase order and vendor data. The new version of InputAccel for Invoices also includes the ability to match invoice line items to line items on the purchase order, or assign the costs directly to general ledger (G/L) accounts. Completed invoices are then exported to the A/P or ERP system where it appears as a "parked" invoice, ready to be processed via the workflow or paid directly, without further processing.

Built on InputAccel®   and utilizing capabilities from FormWare® , InputAccel for Invoices is a flexible solution that can dramatically reduce the amount of manual intervention typically required to process invoices. It empowers users to streamline and accelerate the processing of invoices, reduce errors and increase financial reporting accuracy. By accelerating invoice processing through automation, organizations can realize immediate benefits and a return on investment in the form of less manual data entry, discounts for early payments and eliminating penalties for invoices paid late.


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