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July 30, 2007

Implementation Investments

PTC® Expands Business with Visteon and Delivers Mathcad® for Engineering Calculations

PTC, the Product Development Company®, today announced that Visteon Corporation, a leading global automotive supplier, is using Mathcad to create and document the engineering calculations and mathematical models used in the design of automotive electronics.

With Mathcad, users can develop mathematical models used to verify that designs will meet customer requirements over varying production and environmental conditions. Mathcad worksheets are designed to communicate analysis results to other interested parties throughout the design process. Because the worksheets are reusable, they can be used as a starting point for similar designs, which can improve productivity and enhance analysis capabilities.

The combined strengths of Pro/ENGINEER and Mathcad deliver an integral solution that enables companies to streamline the process of leveraging critical engineering calculations that drive product design models.

"Leading companies like Visteon are constantly innovating and improving product quality to meet customer demand," said Martin Walters, director automotive product and market strategy, PTC. "The integration of Mathcad software with Pro/ENGINEER is another example of our commitment to continually develop innovative product development solutions that help our customers remain competitive. We are pleased to support Visteon's ability to deliver great products to the market."

Mathcad's standards-based XML architecture enables organizations to extend its capability beyond just engineering calculations. Its open-engineering data model easily integrates to other engineering applications and creates an auditable trail of documented calculations that simplify compliance reporting, verification and troubleshooting initiatives.

Mathcad enables organizations to create, automate, document and reuse engineering calculations early in the product development process in order to determine the critical dimensions and parameters used to create the CAD model. By calculating the parameters required and predicting the performance of the design early in the process, instead of guessing key dimensions and parameters, product designers can more rapidly produce optimized designs. Mathcad is ideal for knowledge capture of engineering calculations and gives engineers the ability to reuse engineering-driven analyses throughout the design process that can save time, streamline design processes and reduce costs associated with rework.

PTC Solutions for Automotive

PTC solutions for automotive are designed to meet the product design and product life cycle management needs of both OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry. PTC provides enterprise 3D design, product data management and collaboration solutions to over 1,400 automotive manufacturers, including eight of the top ten powertrain suppliers and three of the top five OEMs.

With PTC's Pro/ENGINEER® and Windchill® solutions, PTC can provide a single repository for all part and product development related information. This is critical for OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry as it allows companies to track detailed component and supplier information and produce verified audit trails. Additionally, automotive companies are able to use PTC solutions to perform cross-discipline design reviews, issue identification and internal and external collaboration. Ultimately, this enables them to respond to customer requirements faster and more cost effectively, as well as easily include more ideas to create cheaper, better quality designs, faster.


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