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22 October 2007

Product News

Open Text Raises the Bar With Next-Generation Content Services

Open TextT announced Open Text Content Services which represent a major step forward in unifying people, processes and content in large organizations.

Open Text Content Services empower information workers to manage and exploit all content types in a unified way at three critical levels: At the desktop, facilitating access and interaction to all content through customizable business views from within familiar desktop applications, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Explorer and Microsoft Outlook; in business processes to facilitate content flows which leads to improved productivity and process efficiency; and for archiving and records management to consistently manage retention and compliance rules across all business content, providing a single trusted repository.

Announced this week at Open Text's annual LiveLinkUp 2007 conference, the new content services form the basis for Open Text's next-generation content management framework that takes a repository-agnostic approach to ECM, eliminating the content and process silos created by different systems by decoupling the user experience from the underlying information repositories.

"Open Text Content Services act as an enabler to improve user adoption and extend content management deployments enterprise-wide," said Kirk Roberts, President, Livelink ECM Division at Open Text. "The new capabilities we are announcing today, along with Open Text's two decades of experience and best practices, will help customers break down the seemingly insurmountable process and content silos that exist in organizations today, and exploit the real value of business content for competitive advantage. Leveraging Open Text Content Services, our customers will be able to more effectively preserve corporate memory, protect intellectual capital, leverage business content across all applications to derive true value, and address governance and compliance requirements."

The new capabilities are exposed as Web Services, so that customers and partners can integrate and extend their use of the ECM technology within their organizations. The new services include:

Open Text Enterprise Connect:

Designed from the ground up to eliminate user adoption challenges and minimize training requirements, Enterprise Connect is a new user interface paradigm that serves dynamic, personalized content in context from within a user's choice of desktop application, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Explorer and Microsoft Outlook.

At the core of Enterprise Connect is a framework which allows organizations to deliver to information workers content in context, leveraging customizable business views. Its extensible plug-in architecture and software development kit decouples the user experience from the underlying content repositories, providing access to all business content. Leveraging the business views, Open Text partners and customers will be able to design and deploy content-enabled applications with much greater speed, eliminating the development effort for an application interface.

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Open Text Enterprise Process Services:

Open Text Enterprise Process Services provides enterprise process services which allow information workers to automate and manage the flow of business content both within and across departments to meet the business requirements of the organization. The BPM capabilities act as the glue that take a typical ECM implementation beyond simple access to content, delivering on the promise of interaction with all business content, providing ways of tying together business content with enterprise application data.

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Open Text Enterprise Library Services:

Enterprise Library Services provide the foundation for a single, trusted repository that delivers integrated records management, metadata management, archive and search capabilities for all business content in an organization including content stored in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server sites, SAP applications, file systems, email and Open Text content repositories. With Enterprise Library Services, content can be managed, archived and stored consistently across the entire organization, based on a lifecycle defined by records retention and disposition rules and the value of the content to the organization.

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Open Text Content Services enable organizations to extend the footprint of their deployments of content-enabled applications across the enterprise, including applications for accounts payable, vendor invoice management, employee information management, customer information management, contract management, regulated documents, litigation management, internal controls, brand asset management, and applications for vertical markets such as matter lifecycle management for law firms, collaborative submissions for life sciences, real estate lease management, deal management, and more.

The key to the new services is their ability to tie into an organization's existing IT ecosystem, incorporating content from different systems into a cohesive strategy, while helping organizations gain more value from their major enterprise systems. Open Text is in a unique position to deliver these integrated capabilities because of its strategic relationships with Microsoft, SAP and Oracle, and a track record for delivering solutions that extend all three.

For information on availability, see individual press announcements on each of the services by following the links above.

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