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18 October 2007

Product News

Zuken Makes Free Simulation Kits Available to Users for Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA

Zuken announced the availability of a free simulation design kit for the latest high-performance VirtexT-5 FPGA from Xilinx. Born from cooperation between the two companies, this comprehensive design tool keeps pace with advanced technologies, delivering first-class signal integrity for 65nm FPGA designs.

The Xilinx® Virtex-5 FPGA simulation kit is for use with Zuken's high-speed design solution, CR-5000 Lightning, and provides a set of topology templates, in-context HTML documentation and useful content for simulation of waveforms and eye patterns, etc. The templates are ready to use and help users to save time in designing and analyzing printed circuit boards by eliminating many common manual tasks. Because much of the pre-design work is already done, the templates within the simulation kit allow a user to plan and constrain a design more efficiently, even adhering to common pre-defined sets of standards.

"The creation of design kits to assist with the rapid adoption of technology for companies like us who use both Xilinx and Zuken products is sure to contribute to an increase in effective product development, and we look forward to the further release of design kits to support the further cutting edge technology." said Mr. Minoru Kinoshita, Chief Engineer, Panasonic AVC Networks Company.

Key design team innovations in process technology, architecture and product development methodology have led to unprecedented performance gain and power reduction with Xilinx 65nm Virtex-5 FPGAs. The LXT and SXT platforms offer 3.2Gbps low-power transceivers with built-in PCI Express® endpoint and tri-mode Ethernet MAC blocks, allowing engineers to implement serial interfaces with the greatest ease of use. All these benefits enable designers to differentiate their end products with increased performance and lower power while reducing design complexity and gaining time-to-market advantages.

"This design kit enables easy front-loaded verification of signal integrity in high-speed IO between memory and FPGA. The easier front-loaded verification made possible by the design kit helps improve design quality. Like many of our other cooperative projects, this enables us to continue progressing the usability of our high-speed design environment, CR-5000 Lightning; to better serve our customers," said Werner Rissiek, General Engineering Manager, Zuken Europe.

"With today's high clock rates and signal transitions in multi gigabits per second, designing of printed circuit boards can be challenging, especially in high-speed serial designs," said Per Holmberg, Xilinx director of Programmable Digital Systems Marketing at Xilinx. "This tool allows designers to streamline their Virtex-5 FPGA-based PCB designs, encouraging further serial adoption."

This simulation kit is available from October 18 and is provided free of charge to Zuken CR-5000 Lightning users via their LinkZ login visit Users can ensure they have the latest simulation models by importing compatible IBIS files from the Xilinx website at

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