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23 October 2007

Company News

VISTAGY Partners with Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials to Advance Composites Engineering Research

VISTAGY, Inc . announced a strategic partnership with the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (BIAM), China's largest and most influential composites research and development organization, to advance composites engineering technology for the region's aerospace manufacturers. In addition, the institute has selected VISTAGY's FiberSIM® suite of composites design software as the foundation of its virtual 3D product engineering process for composites.

"BIAM is honored to work with many of China's most active aerospace and composites manufacturers to help them successfully develop products made of advanced composite materials, and our partnership with VISTAGY has helped to advance our strong position," said Dr. YI Xiaosu, director of Science Technology Committee at Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials. "We have great confidence in FiberSIM's industry-leading capabilities for composites development. VISTAGY's software has enabled us to streamline our research and development processes, and we're convinced that Chinese aerospace manufacturers will achieve significant advances in composites engineering when using the software on their upcoming major aircraft programs."

BIAM's mission is to research and develop new composites technologies and methodologies and introduce them to the Chinese aerospace manufacturing community. FiberSIM plays an essential role in helping BIAM advance composites engineering in China. With its capabilities for quickly defining and capturing all non-geometric product information, and efficiently managing design changes all within the CAD environment, FiberSIM has become the engineering software of choice for BIAM's research and development teams. And, because FiberSIM is integrated directly into commercial CAD software systems, scientists and engineers can experiment with new design concepts and composites processes in a real-world development environment that replicates how engineers work in aerospace manufacturing organizations.

"BIAM has long been recognized as a leader in materials research and engineering, not only in China but throughout the world, because of its highly respected professors and focus on aerospace engineering. BIAM has partnered with VISTAGY because of our mutual goals to achieve composites development excellence with best-in-class research and tools," said Mamoru Iguchi, general manager, Asia Pacific, at VISTAGY, Inc. "VISTAGY's continued success in the Asia Pacific region is a testament to FiberSIM's effectiveness in helping organizations more efficiently design and manufacture the world's most innovative aerospace products."

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