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25 October 2007

Implementation Investments

CoCreate Software's 3D CAD Adopted by Apic Yamada Corporation

CoCreate Software, Inc. announced that Apic Yamada Corporation has adopted CoCreate OneSpace Modeling as its 3D product development platform.

Apic Yamada is a comprehensive manufacturer of high-tech electronic machinery that supports production within the semiconductor industry. The company's business includes designing and manufacturing metal molding systems and production equipment for customers across the world, including Toshiba Corporation, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., and Sony Corporation.

Apic Yamada first began using 3D CAD software to perform engineering analysis on 3D virtual prototypes to improve design quality and prioritized its use as the basis for product development to enhance efficiency.

As the company researched different 3D CAD platforms, it considered how the software would support its specific development processes. In particular, design flexibility is critical to Apic Yamada. The company's production equipment must accommodate frequent customer-driven design and specification changes. Moreover, the company requires an approach to 3D product development that accelerates development by giving any team member the ability to pick-up and change any part of a design at anytime.

Apic Yamada evaluated CoCreate OneSpace Modeling alongside several history-based 3D CAD systems for over a year. With the full backing of Apic Yamada designers, the company adopted the CoCreate platform and cites the following advantages:

•  The flexibility to include unexpected, client-driven design changes at all stages of development allows the company to deliver customer-focused products.

•  Designers freely explore new and creative designs by using Dynamic Modeling based 3D CAD software. The history-free approach eliminates the overhead of a history tree (or feature manager) and avoids upfront planning of modeling steps that restrict the innovation process.

•  Lightweight history-free models provide high performance for large assembly design.

•  CoCreate OneSpace Modeling is widely used within the high-tech electronic and machinery industry worldwide.

"I was impressed with how easy it is to use CoCreate's Dynamic Modeling based 3D CAD software. OneSpace Modeling is very user friendly and simple to learn so designers can learn it in a short time," said Mr. Yoshinari Hosaka, Senior Engineer for the System and Technology Management Group in Apic Yamada .

CoCreate channel partner, OBIC Co., Ltd., supported Apic Yamada with both its evaluation of the CoCreate OneSpace Suite and its implementation of OneSpace Modeling and the Advanced Design and FE Analysis add-on modules.

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