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November 19, 2007

Company News

Agilent Technologies' Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer Named Best Test and Measurement Product by EDN China Innovation Awards

Agilent Technologies today announced that its first handheld RF spectrum analyzer, the Agilent N9340A, won the 2007 EDN China Innovation Award for best test and measurement product.

The EDN China Innovation Awards, originated from the EDN Innovation Awards, is a landmark award in the microelectronic field in China. Nearly 100,000 electronic design engineers and manufacturers voted for their top picks among almost 200 products from the world's leading manufacturers.

Agilent introduced its winning handheld RF spectrum analyzer in January 2007. It features the best-in-class performance in wide applications and provides a good balance of price and performance for RF field test use.

The Agilent N9340A covers 100 kHz to 3 GHz frequency range. Its unrivaled fast sweep time of 10 ms at nonzero span helps dramatically reduce test time and enhance productivity. It features the narrowest resolution bandwidth (RBW) in its class, making it possible to resolve very close-in signals. In addition, the lower display averaged noise level (DANL) enables users to detect lower-level signals for more detailed and accurate spectrum data.

The Agilent N9340A features a high-resolution color display. Its USB connectivity allows easy PC control and transfers data to USB flash drive directly. It supports 11 regional languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese and major European languages. It provides four hours of continuous battery operation with one full charge.

"Agilent has continuously adhered to the spirit of innovation, which greatly contributes to the worldwide test industry," said Huo Feng, general manager of Agilent's Chengdu Instruments Division. "The Agilent N9340A handheld spectrum analyzer has contributed to Agilent's leading position in the hottest market, and it can help generate wider profit margins for customers due to its balance of price and performance."

More information about the Agilent N9340A spectrum analyzer is available at High-resolution images can be downloaded from

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