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18 March 2008

Product News

ALGOR and SpaceClaim Partner to Create 3-D Design Solution for CAE Users

ALGOR, Inc. and SpaceClaim announced a new technology partnership today. As part of ALGOR V21.1 and SpaceClaim Professional 2007 SP2, a fully integrated solution is now being offered by ALGOR and SpaceClaim – providing thousands of users with a complete design-to-analysis solution and a computer-aided engineering (CAE) workflow. Users can control the CAE workflow regardless of the native CAD environment – reducing the amount of time that it takes to iterate through multiple CAE scenarios, which leads to better-performing designs and reduced project costs.

This solution provides benefits in preparing models for analysis and building intelligence by being able to edit geometry for design optimization and multiple iterations.

"SpaceClaim and ALGOR offer a valuable solution for product design and analysis," said Ted Fryberger, P.E. of DeepSoft, Inc. "As a satisfied ALGOR user since 1988, we realize the vital need for a 3-D design solution – this is where SpaceClaim first attracted our attention. SpaceClaim's ability to import virtually any solid model geometry and create a neutral file format for input to ALGOR is where we are focusing our attention." Fryberger further commented that another benefit he sees is SpaceClaim's powerful geometry modification being ideal for "what if" conceptual design or modification of existing designs.

"SpaceClaim's solution fits precisely in the CAE workflow," said Teresa Anania, ALGOR Vice President of Operations. "It offers the analysis team more control and less requirement to go back to the CAD team for modification requests. SpaceClaim works with all native CAD files, which is important because ALGOR products work with all leading CAD vendors – giving our clients a cost-savings choice to have a 3-D design solution on their desktop. We believe ALGOR customers will welcome the new solution, largely because our analysis community can easily work with SpaceClaim – the learning curve is flat and the solution itself is intuitive and affordable."

The partnership between ALGOR and SpaceClaim includes a time-limited software co-distribution agreement where ALGOR DesignCheck, a version of ALGOR software that allows users to verify designs with a first-pass test, is available for free to all SpaceClaim customers and SpaceClaim is available for free to all ALGOR customers.

"ALGOR's solution creates a unique opportunity for SpaceClaim customers worldwide to start with DesignCheck and then add advanced analysis for a complete CAE solution," said Michael Payne, CEO of SpaceClaim. "SpaceClaim channel partners are also thrilled with the offering and opportunity to work closely with ALGOR. We want to make sure that all ALGOR and SpaceClaim users have a chance to experience this CAE solution and improved workflow."

Users can upgrade to any of ALGOR's wide range of simulation capabilities including: static stress and Mechanical Event Simulation (MES) with linear and nonlinear material models; linear dynamics; fatigue; CFD including steady-state and transient heat transfer, steady and unsteady fluid flow and mass transfer; electrostatics; full multiphysics; and piping. All ALGOR products provide direct CAD/CAE data exchange and full associativity with SpaceClaim.

To see a free demonstration, view ALGOR and SpaceClaim: Redefining CAD and FEA

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