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31 July 2008

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Complex Data Networks in Development Departments Need Standards - ENX Association Joins the ProSTEP iViP Association

The European Network Exchange Association (ENX), Frankfurt, is the ProSTEP iViP Association's newest member. The range of services that ENX provides includes standardized communication services for the European automotive industry. The objective of the organization is to operate a global communications network and managed security services for the European automotive industry.

The ENX Association was founded in June 2000 by European automobile manufacturers, the suppliers Bosch, Karmann and VDO Automotive, as well as four national automobile associations. It monitors the quality of the services offered by the providers, makes central ENX network services available and helps these service providers efficiently solve problems that arise.

"We are increasingly directing our focus toward process consulting. We would also like to contribute our know-how in this area to the ProSTEP iViP project group Secure Product Creation Processes (SP²)", stated Lennart Oly, managing director of ENX. SP² is drawing up recommendations for implementing secure data exchange processes in cross-enterprise product development.

ENX sees the ProSTEP iViP Association as a strong partner in the area of standardization. Both organizations want to increase the level of cooperation between national and international standardization organizations.

About the ProSTEP iViP Association

The ProSTEP iViP Association is an international branch-specific community comprising leading companies in the automotive and aerospace industries, system vendors and research institutes. The aim of the ProSTEP iViP Association is to find solutions for the challenges facing the manufacturing industry as a result of networked collaboration in a worldwide development network.

A concept based on a coherent, cross-organizational and cross-domain view of data, processes and systems provides a solid foundation for meeting these challenges. The Association's five main areas of focus reflect this approach: process management, system integration, product data standardization, engineering collaboration and knowledge transfer.

The ProSTEP iViP Association is headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, and was founded in October 1993 by 38 industrial companies and a number of system vendors as part of the German STEP initiative. Members of the ProSTEP iViP Association currently include about 200 companies and organizations from 17 nations.

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