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15 October 2008

Company News

Apriso FlexNet Achieves New SAP Certified Integration Status

Apriso announced its FlexNet® product has earned another certification for integration with SAP® solutions. The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that the Apriso FlexNet Operations Execution System 9.4 properly integrates with the SAP NetWeaver® Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI-CNT 3.0) component of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform to exchange critical data with instances of the SAP Business Suite family of applications.

Apriso FlexNet solutions have continued to achieve certifications over the past 15 years – always on the latest technologies – including an earlier integration via ISA 95, which had achieved “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” status in January 2006. Learn more here:

“Apriso was one of the early adopters of the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration offering, and has continuously maintained SAP Certified – Powered by SAP NetWeaver status for its FlexNet solution,” explains Chris Will, chief technology officer of Apriso. “The FlexNet platform and application suite expands flexibility, visibility and control of an SAP solution-based system.”

Manufacturers implementing Apriso FlexNet to exchange critical shop floor data with instances of the SAP Business Suite family of applications can gain expanded functionality from what a traditional Manufacturing Execution System can offer. Apriso FlexNet delivers operations execution capabilities spanning departmental ‘silos’ to integrate, manage and execute production, warehouse, quality, maintenance, labor and supply chain business processes. Benefits are amplified when FlexNet is implemented across multiple locations, for superior global operations performance at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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