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23 October 2008

Implementation Investments

Zlomrex Implements IFS Applications in Companies Belonging to the Group

Zlomrex Group has successfully implemented IFS Applications. The system is already in operation in eight leading companies of the Group, whose combined revenues represent approx. 50% of the consolidated Group results: Zlomrex S.A. and Zlomrex Metal, Walcownia Bruzdowa (Shape Mill), Ferrostal Labedy, Huta Stali Jakosciowych (Quality Steelworks), Odlewnia Metali Szopienice (Metal Foundry) and in Centrostal Górnoslaski. There are currently 700 IFS Applications users in total.

The solution implemented at Zlomrex Group includes the following modules: IFS Financials, IFS Distribution, IFS Manufacturing, IFS Maintenance, IFS Human Resources, and IFS Payroll.

Currently, the implementation of IFS Applications is taking place in the distribution division of the Group. In the future, the distribution part of Voestalpine—the Austrian company that became part of Zlomrex Group in 2007—will also consider implementing the system.

‘Our position in the Polish and European markets is very strong today. However, we are making every effort to improve it,’ said Przemyslaw Sztuczkowski, President of the Board of Zlomrex S.A. ‘Implementation of an ERP system became necessary after we made acquisitions of a number of new companies. The solution provided by IFS will strengthen the competitiveness of our company and integrate all its business processes.’

Zlomrex Group operates in three main areas—raw materials, manufacturing and distribution. IFS Applications is expected to integrate every part of the business’ operations.

‘We selected IFS Applications because of IFS’ strong references in the metallurgical sector. Our cooperation with IFS has been very effective. There is still plenty of work ahead of us, but we appreciate what we have already achieved. We are looking forward to the future and planning new implementations in other companies within the Group,’ says Dominik Barszcz, Chief Accountant at Zlomrex S.A., in charge of implementing IT projects in the whole Group.

Important benefits of the implementation of IFS Applications include

• integration of raw material, manufacturing, and distribution business operations,

• improved processes for document flow and processing,

• cohesion of data in all companies belonging to the Group,

• improved maintenance, repair, and overhaul management,

• allocation of responsibilities for individual processes in a geographically scattered organizational structure.

‘IFS Applications is characterized by flexibility and rich functionality. These qualities are appreciated by companies and capital groups that are developing dynamically on the Polish market. We are happy that Zlomrex Group, a leading player in the metallurgical and metal industry sector in Poland, is using our system.’ says Marcin Taranek, CEO of IFS Poland.

About Zlomrex

ZLOMREX was established in 1990 as a sole entrepreneur firm. The business activity was organized from scratch and initially it only included small-scale trade with scrap metals. As the firm was systematically developed, the range and scale of its activities were extended. Nowadays it operates as a joint-stock company and is the leader of a group comprising production facilities and distribution centers. In terms of operating results, ZLOMREX S.A. is ranked within the second hundred of the largest Polish companies. It is the largest supplier of steel scrap and non-ferrous metals scrap in Poland, but also one of the leading producers and distributors of metallurgic products.

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