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28 October 2008

Company News

ESI Group and COMEX NUCLEAIRE Collaborate to Reduce Design and Operational Costs

ESI Group and COMEX NUCLEAIRE, major player in the nuclear intervention, announced their 3-year partnership agreement, as of the second half of 2008. The agreement aims at developing a universal services offer available worldwide.

The objective is to support major industry leaders by offering them development solutions that combine COMEX NUCLEAIRE’s industrial and nuclear engineering services with ESI Group’s realistic digital simulation solutions.

This partnership will enable industry leaders to improve the performance of their various facilities by creating projects and tests virtually before starting the work, which is always a great consumer of resources.

COMEX NUCLEAIRE and ESI Group are also cooperating to meet the demands of research and development facilities such as ITER, an international project for fusion power. In addition, the two groups are collaborating on nuclear and industrial maintenance projects, such as the supply of replacement steam generators for French nuclear power plants.

"This agreement attests to the synergy of our fields of expertise and to the demonstrated effectiveness of our joint teams on several projects. It fully supports COMEX NUCLEAIRE’s strategy, which plans for international development and industrial diversification", declared Marc BRACHOTTE, Deputy General Manager at COMEX NUCLEAIRE.

"The projects carried out jointly with COMEX NUCLEAIRE’s teams have allowed us to assess ESI Group’s synergies with this global player on a human scale. The outcome is extremely positive as today we are launching a global long-term partnership. Our joint offer and a thorough knowledge of each other’s domains of expertise will allow us to benefit from our respective international positioning to further develop close connections with our customers", added Tomasz KISIELEWICZ, PhD., Executive Vice President of Global Projects and Engineering Services at ESI Group.

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