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27 October 2008

Product News

Hanley Releases MultiSurface Aerodynamics 3.1

Hanley Innovations announced the availability of MultiSurface Aerodynamics Version 3.1. MultiSurface Aerodynamics 3.1 is a Windows based software package for rapid aerodynamics conceptual and preliminary analysis and design of wings and other lifting surfaces.

The new features include:

A quasi-steady rate of roll about a point in the y-z plane. This feature makes it possible to compute moments due to roll. It also computes adverse yaw which can allow users to predict the range of rudder movements to offset these moments. It can also use it (in an iteratively manner) to compute the roll rate due to an aileron deflection (for example).

A line vortex at a given location. The position and strength of the vortex (user defined) allows users to study the effects of wakes on their models.

Surface normal movement. Users can prescribe a normal velocity at the tips of any given surface. A possible application is to simulate plunge. In a quasi- steady world, the user can work out the propulsion force due to the plunging motion of a hydrofoil or the flapping motion of a bird's (pteradon) wing.

Ten levels of Undo. This allows users to quickly erase unintentional errors and to start over from the last "good' revision.

Multiple levels of redo. This allows users to return to what just a second ago seemed like a mistake.

EZSnap allows the user to join surfaces (tip- to-tip) from the interactive editor. Just click on EZSnap button, click on the surface that you wish to move and then click on the destinate surface. Click here to watch the EZSnap demo.

MultiSurface Aerodynamics 3.1 includes a built-in airfoil editor that allow users to read-in airfoil drawings in the .dxf format. It also has a three-dimensional trajectory tool for flight calculations.

The trajectory tool can be used for the following calculations:

  • Climb/descent from one altitude to the next as a functions of time
  • Time/distance covered during turning from one heading to the next.
  • Estimation of takeoff distance
  • Set-up "what if" scenarios for feasibility studies
  • Rapidly study the merits of competing designs

More information about MultiSurface Aerodynamics is available at the following URL:

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