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23 October 2008

Product News

Release of RuleDesigner PDM Support for Pro-E Wildfire 4.0

ENGINEERING PLM Solutions announced the release of RuleDesigner PDM support for Pro-Engineer WildFire 4.0.

This allows Pro-E users to use all the features of the application RuleDesigner PDM directly from internal environment of ProE CAD.

RuleDesigner PDM is now fully integrated into ProE Wildfire 4.0 and it allows extending the benefits of improvements through the simplification of the product configuration, Bill Of Material, defining classification of attributes, parts number, numbering and renaming of the parts. RuleDesigner PDM allows a Vaulting for the storage and security of files, a search tool and the robotization of all daily repetitive tasks of the designer.

RuleDesigner PDM, accessible directly from CAD ProE WildFire 4.0 interface, is a complete alternative to "internal" solutions in PLM field and it represents a "Rule-Driven" response to more advanced needs of information management and of the entire product lifecycle.

The RuleDesigner PDM solution allows to designers to focus themselves on the design process, rather than on product's data management, ensuring an immediate increase of the productivity and helping to improve the quality of the CAD ProE WildFire 4.0.

The RuleDesigner PDM solution is also available for SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Inventor, Catia, Autocad, GBG, ME10, Cadra, etc.

About RuleDesigner

RuleDesigner is a suite of PLM applications that, capturing the rules on how the company defines, designs, manufactures and sells its products. The main benefit of RuleDesigner is the automation of some of the activities that CAD users carry out when designing new products.

The modular packaging of RuleDesigner PDM enables companies of all sizes to benefit from its functionality; for example engineers and designers can capitalise on the integration of RuleDesigner PDM with ProE 4.0 to automate the generation of each part numbers by launching the application directly from CAD and to be guided by a simple user interface in the defining of attributes that are relevant to specific categories.

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