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5 February 2008

Product News

Altair Engineering and ACUSIM Software Integrate PBS Professional™ into AcuConsole™ Creating an Optimized Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Process

Altair Engineering and ACUSIM Software announced the integration of PBS Professional software for cluster, grid and on-demand computing, with AcuConsole, part of an industry-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver solution. The unified solution includes an innovative PBS Button within AcuConsole that enables a seamless interface between graphics-based pre-processing and cluster computing operations for organizations performing CFD.

The tight integration of Altair's PBS Professional™ with ACUSIM Software's AcuConsole™, a GUI based pre-processor for AcuSolve™, helps customers save time in their CFD computing efforts. AcuConsole now allows users to submit batch jobs to computing systems by simply clicking on the PBS Button. The PBS Professional interface is fully customizable and saves settings between sessions of AcuConsole to record site specific commands and options in the job submission script. The integration of PBS Professional with AcuConsole represents a broader partner program by Altair to provide unified software solutions to reduce costs and increase customer productivity.

"The integration of PBS Professional enables batch job submission capabilities from within AcuConsole and reflects ACUSIM Software's commitment to improving the analysis process and reducing the time and effort required to obtain a CFD solution," said Dr. Farzin Shakib, President of ACUSIM Software. "This integration further simplifies the simulation process and provides a seamless transition between desktop pre-processing and cluster-based compute operations."

The new configuration builds on the existing capabilities of AcuSolve, which already allows batch jobs to obtain host information directly from PBS Professional. The complete integration of PBS Professional and AcuConsole provides an ideal software solution for CFD customers because it eliminates custom integration efforts, speeds technology implementation time, delivers an easy-to-use solution for faster results, and increases utilization of high- performance computing (HPC) resources.

"The integration of AcuConsole with PBS Professional gives AcuSolve users a familiar interface to leverage the full power and value of cluster and grid computing," said Michael Humphrey, Vice President of Partner Programs for Altair. "Altair Engineering works closely with its application partners to deliver integrated solutions to provide greater value than each of the components alone. PBS Professional is an enabling technology that allows customers to maximize their computing resources."

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