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28 February 2008

Product News

Siemens PLM Software Adds Interactive Tool to its “Innovation Connection” Second Life Island

Siemens PLM Software announced a new interactive tool that enables users to create their own 3-D Razor Scooter in Second Life. The tool is easy to use like Siemens PLM Software’s Solid Edge® software and meant to expose Second Life residents to the possibilities of CAD software.

Second Life is a 3D virtual world with more than 12 million residents from over 100 countries. Siemens PLM Software was the first pure-play PLM company to establish a presence in Second Life and uses its island to collaborate with customers and partners to test ways virtual worlds could be leveraged for next generation computer-aided design. Virtual worlds give consumer product designers the ability to test designs with end consumers in real-time.

In the real world, Siemens PLM Software hosts “test drive” Solid Edge seminars to illustrate how easy the software is to use. Solid Edge is a hybrid 2D/3D design system and a core component of the Velocity Series™ portfolio. In the virtual world, the new interactive tool provides companies a glimpse into the use of 3-D modeling software in product development. A transparent screen guides Second Life residents to click through a range of selections to create a custom-built scooter in less than a minute.

“In our industry it’s important to be able to vet out design ideas as quickly as possible,” says Bob Hadley, product development manager, Razor®. “In the real-world, with Solid Edge, we’re able to introduce at least two or three times as many new products each year as we could previously. To compete in our industry, that’s essential. Siemens PLM Software is taking this to the next level by integrating real-world design experiences in virtual worlds.”

“This new tool is a great example of how companies can use some of the unique characteristics of the Second Life platform to create interactive experiences for their products,” said Chris Kelley, vice president, Platforms and Partners, Siemens PLM Software. “Our goal in Second Life continues to be to find new ways to collaborate with our customers and partners in an effort to provide a more immersive way to experience our software. The user experience in Second Life is based upon our successful Solid Edge Dare to Compare Test Drive events where you learn first-hand how easy it is to use Solid Edge compared to competitive products.”

In the real world, Solid Edge Dare to Compare Test Drive events guide users through key stages of 3D design: part modeling, sheet metal, assembly creation, drafting and documentation, plus analysis and full motion simulation.

To reach the Siemens Innovation Connection on Second Life, visit To attend a real-world Solid Edge Dare to Compare Test Drive, visit

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