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27 March 2009

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Logica Builds Internet Based Platform for New Generation Car

Logica unveiled the essential internet based platform that will be used by transport specialists, designers and others to design the c,mm,n, the green car of the future. Starting on April 1 the participants will engage in virtual discussions using the Online Collaboration Platform, or OCP developed by Logica.

The platform will unite a great number of specialists from different disciplines in a structured discussion about products and services connected to the c,mm,n-car. OCP helps designers make connections between ideas and presents them in an easy to understand manner to help enrich and speed up the design process.

A prototype of the c,mm,n will be presented at the Amsterdam auto show starting on April 1.

The project has been initiated by the Dutch environmental organisation Stichting Natuur en Milieu and is sponsored by Logica, Athlon Car Lease and Rabobank. The technical universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Twente join the development process, as well as engineering consultancy DHV.

For more information about the project, click here.

The essence of the OCP-system is the power of crowd sourcing: using the knowledge of a large number of independent creative minds. This approach ends the limitations of traditional ways of innovation within companies and institutions by breaking down barriers.

Logica has recently delivered a similar internet platform to Dutch central government. In a pilot civil servants use the system for brainstorm sessions about policy issues. This proves that OCP can be a powerful tool especially so for local governments that want to engage citizens in discussions.

Commenting on the project Gerben Mak, director of innovation of Logica Netherlands, said, “The c,mm,n-project shows that crowd sourcing is a powerful instrument to create new services and products. Without the burden of traditional walls creative minds search for the optimal solutions. Crowd sourcing is a valuable addition to innovation processes.”

To know more about Logica’s innovation capabilities, visit

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