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23 June 2009

Product News

Virage Logic's AEON® Becomes the First Multi-Time Programmable Embedded Non-Volatile Memory Available on a Standard CMOS Process Qualified to Rigorous Automotive Standard AEC-Q100

Virage Logic Corporation announced its AEON® multi-time programmable (MTP) non-volatile memory (NVM) solution is the first qualified to the stringent quality and reliability standards of the automotive industry using only standard CMOS processing. Automotive integrated circuits (ICs) demand reliability and qualification testing above and beyond the requirements of typical consumer or industrial applications. AEON is a multi-time programmable NVM on a standard CMOS platform that provides automotive-level reliability without requiring additional masks or processing steps. Because AEON was developed with the same rigorous quality and silicon validation standards that Virage Logic has become known for, it successfully qualified to meet the automotive electronics council (AEC) standard AEC-Q100 specification.

"Historically, the only multi-time programmable embedded memory available for automotive applications was flash," said Dr. Yankin Tanurhan, vice president and general manager, NVM Solutions, Virage Logic. "Because AEON provides a multi-time programmable embedded solution on a standard CMOS process, it eliminates the costly manufacturing steps typically associated with floating gate memory and reduces the engineering effort and costs involved with integrating NVM into system-on-chip (SoC) designs. AEON provides a lower risk, more profitable reprogrammable NVM solution that enables designers to confidently implement additional features and functionality into their automotive system designs."

AEON can replace one-time programmable (OTP) solutions with a fully electrically testable NVM block, allowing automotive IC manufacturers to deliver products that achieve a level of testability and reliability unavailable with OTP solutions. Embedding NVM and eliminating external EEPROM from system designs reduces power, area and cost, and increases security. AEON facilitates product differentiation by enabling features such as in-field customization, calibration, encryption keys and non-volatile counters.

Ideally suited for automotive applications that require reliability in the most demanding environments, AEON provides full read and program operation from -40°C to 150°C with minimum 10-year data retention at 150°C. AEON operates from a single supply voltage and supports read operations down to 1.6V, 100,000 write-erase cycles, bit counts from eight bits to 128 bits and addresses the needs of such automotive applications as trim, calibration configuration, instrumentation and localization. Full characterization and qualification data is available for qualified customers upon request. For foundry and process availability or to request a silicon characterization report, visit Virage Logic.

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