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28 July 2009

Product News

Virage Logic Introduces Volume Production-Proven SiPro™ PCI Express PHY IP

Virage Logic Corporation announced its new offering, a silicon and volume production-proven 40-nanometer (nm) G PCI Express Gen1/Gen2 Physical Layer (PHY). The SiPro™ PCI Express PHY product line represents the first offering in Virage Logic's advanced interface IP SiPro product portfolio that is a result of its collaboration with AMD announced in January 2009. This agreement grants Virage Logic the rights to license and modify certain AMD standards-based advanced interface IP that was designed for and used in the 40nm ATI Radeon™ graphics products from AMD.

"Our relationship with AMD has enabled us to accelerate the expansion of our broad product portfolio with production-proven standards-based IP for PCI Express," said Kamalesh Ruparel, vice president and general manager, Application Specific IP (ASIP) solutions, Virage Logic. "As the semiconductor industry's trusted IP partner, we are committed to helping our customers reduce risk and speed new product development, particularly at the advanced nodes such as 40nm. The introduction of SiPro PCI Express PHY is yet another example of how we are delivering on that commitment."

The Virage Logic SiPro PCI Express PHY is based on the successful implementation by AMD at 65nm, 55nm and 40nm, where it has been used in high-volume production for PC-oriented chipsets and graphics adaptors. PCI Express standards are typically used in high-performance applications delivering large amounts of data from point-to-point, including storage, servers, networking, communications, high-end video applications and add-on PC cards.

"AMD has a long history with Virage Logic and views them as a trusted provider of highly differentiated physical IP," said Chekib Akrout, corporate vice president, Central Engineering, AMD. "Virage Logic has made a long-standing commitment to providing high-quality advanced semiconductor IP solutions and AMD's internally designed, production-proven IP is the perfect complement to Virage Logic's comprehensive product offering."

About Virage Logic's SiPro PCI Express PHY

The Virage Logic SiPro PCI Express Gen1/Gen2 Physical Layer (PHY) has been production proven in high-performance, low power and high-volume implementations at the most advanced process nodes to lower cost, improve performance and reduce power for complex SoC or ASIC designs. The Virage Logic SiPro PCI Express PHY is silicon proven and optimized for mass production, rigorously verified and characterized to reduce risk, improve time-to-market and maximize yield.

Availability and Pricing

The Virage Logic SiPro PCI Express Gen1/Gen2 PHY is available immediately for licensing on the industry's leading commercial bulk 40nm process node. For more information on licensing options and pricing, please contact your local Virage Logic sales representative. For more information about SiPro PCI Express Gen1/Gen2 PHY visit

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