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1 August 2009

Implementation Investments

Novenco Airbox - Quick And Accurate Quoting With Configit

The Novenco Airbox configurator based on Configit technology provides quick and accurate answers to customer questions and accurate quoting.

Novenco is among the world leaders in supplying heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems for both land and marine applications. Novenco products, such as axial flow fans or air handling systems are highly configurable. Using standard Configit Product Modeler and Configit Runtime, Novenco has built their AirBox sales configurator and saved significant time and expense in their sales cycle.

Quick, correct and accurate

Peter Holt, Technology Director at Novenco, says that "in the past our sales people often had to use extra time on correcting the quotes they gave to customers, mainly because they did not have up-to-date product information readily available. The key success factors for our sales are, quite simply, quick and correct answers to customers' critical questions and an accurate quote."

The airbox

Lars Kasper, Manager, IT and Software at Novenco, says they chose Configit Product Modeler and Runtime due to "good performance, documentation and support; it was easy to implement and it's based on the latest .NET and C# technology."

"Certainly Configit Product Modeler makes AirBox simpler to maintain compared with solutions we've tried in the past," says Peter Holt. "We save time, but also expenses, because changes can be handled by a product modeler as opposed to a more expensive software engineer."

The AirBox configurator has more than 300 users including Novenco customers and agents. It is not the first sales configurator Novenco has employed but it is the one that has yielded the best results so far. The Airbox is available for Novenco customer and agents from Novenco's website.

On time and within budget

Implementation was on time and within budget and, as Peter Holt says, "that is pretty rare when you implement major new software." "The support we get from Configit is excellent," says Lars Kasper. "Their response is always good and prompt, no matter the extent of the support we require."

The bottom line

"Overall, we are very pleased with our choice to use Configit," says both Peter Holt and Lars Kasper. "We get good value for our money and their solutions and people are professional."

Learn more

The full Novenco case story is available on

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