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17 August 2009

Implementation Investments

L.S. Starrett Improves Customer Satisfaction and Reduces Product Development Time & Cost with MSC.Software

MSC.Software Corp. announced that US-based band saw, and hole saw manufacturer L.S. Starrett has improved engineering and business performance since adopting the template-driven CAE application just one year ago at their Jedburgh, Scotland Saw manufacturing facility.

Like many manufacturers, L.S. Starrett is under pressure to develop technically superior products in shortened product development time frames. Previously the company relied on costly physical prototypes, tooling, and tests that were based on the experience and judgment of staff. Since adopting SimXpert, their engineers optimize designs prior to prototype manufacturing using a data-driven virtual prototyping process that is faster and more cost effective. L.S. Starret can now create and evaluate as many virtual prototypes as they feel necessary to produce truly innovative and superior performing products. This greatly reduces both the prototype tooling costs and development cycle time.

"SimXpert has allowed L S Starrett to transform saw design into a simulation-driven science from the previous "black art" that it once was," said Andrew Lee, Technical Manager, for L.S .Starrett's Jedburgh, UK Saw division. "MSC.Software's finite element analysis (FEA) software has enabled us to create and produce more innovative products including the Starrett Vesatix MP bandsaw blade. This has increased the esteem not just of our R&D group internally, but also increases the confidence that customers have in our tools."

About the L.S.Starrett Company:
Headquartered in Athol, MA, USA since its founding in 1880, The L.S.Starrett Company is a leading global manufacturer of Precision Tools, Bandsaw Blades, Jigsaw & Hacksaw Blades , Hole Saw Blades and accessories, with manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, South America & China.
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