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February 2009

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Fishbowl Solutions Announces Bounding Box Application For PTC® Pro/ENGINEER®

Fishbowl Solutions, Inc. announced their Bounding Box Application for Pro/ENGINEER®.

In the mold making process it is common practice to manually calculate the rough cut or bounding box dimensions from the 3D CAD data so companies can reduce the amount of waste by ordering the correct size steel for each project. This manual method can be time consuming and lead to inaccuracies, which can have costly effects if the wrong size steel is ordered.

Fishbowl Solutions’ Bounding Box Application automatically creates Pro/ENGINEER parameters and populates them with the bounding box dimensions from the part or assembly, so they can automatically be shown on the drawing or within PTC’s Windchill® content and process management solution, improving the accuracy of the dimensions.

Bounding Box’s current features include:

• The ability to calculate the Bounding Box Dimensions for the current part or assembly, with respect to the Default Coordinate System.

• The ability to create a parameter for each dimension, if the parameters already exist, the application will modify the values to those just calculated.

• The ability to assign parameters as follows: X_Dim, Y_Dim, and Z_Dim.

• The ability to displays values for the diagonal dimension and surface area.

Contact Fishbowl Solutions at to learn more about their Bounding Box Application and custom opportunities.

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