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26 February 2009

Product News

AspenTech Announces Availability of 7.1 Release of aspenONE® V7 Engineering Software

Aspen Technology, Inc. announced the 7.1 release of aspenONE V7 Engineering software. The updated release enhances aspenONE V7 Engineering’s ability to help companies increase efficiency and productivity in the face of today’s challenging economy.

aspenONE V7 Engineering supports the 7 Best Practices of Engineering Excellence. These best practices are based on proven engineering work processes used by leading AspenTech customers such as BP, BASF, Dow, Fluor Corporation, KL Energy, SNC Lavalin and URS Corporation.

Supporting Quotes:

Paul Mathias, Technical Director, Fluor Corporation

“The Aspen Properties Enterprise Database in aspenONE V7 provides valuable new capabilities to Fluor.It ensures that our process engineers will obtain validated and consistent physical-property calculations for process design and simulation, and that our proprietary information is protected.”

Jim Leatherwood, Manager of Estimating, SNC Lavalin

“The cost estimation capability in aspenONE V7 streamlines the flow of project information and shortens the cycle for developing accurate cost estimates.This enables us to do projects faster and more cost-effectively, resulting in increased productivity.”

Dave Litzen, Vice President & CTO, KL Energy Corporation

“The improvements made to the Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating in aspenONE V7 are very useful for specialty heat exchanger designs, which are common in Biofuels processing.With these improvements, we can turn around designs in less than a week, compared to waiting up to six weeks and countless iterations for vendor-supplied designs.”

Kay Smith, IT Resource Manager – Process & Energy, URS Corporation

“We recently installed and configured the Aspen Licensing Center Auto Upload Tool and found the process to be quick and easy. The ‘hands free’ feature gives us peace of mind knowing that our usage log files are processed and transmitted without burdening our IT resources. This allows us to seamlessly monitor and track our use of AspenTech solutions, further optimizing our software investment.”

Enhancements in Release 7.1

Batch process development innovations

Faster integrated conceptual engineering with simulation, sizing, and economic analysis

Expansion of the process industry’s most comprehensive physical property database

Additional bioethanol, gasification, and CO2 capture process models

A new equipment design solution tailored to cryogenic processes, such as LNG

With the 7.1 release of aspenONE V7 Engineering software, AspenTech has also nearly completed its ongoing effort to enable XML export capability for all features of HYSYS. AspenTech anticipates this capability will be available for all features of HYSYS, through the release of a software patch as necessary, in the coming months. AspenTech is further committed to including comparable export functionality to facilitate interoperability among versions of future releases of HYSYS and of the Exchanger Design & Rating (HTFS+) suite of products.

General Availability Date

The general availability date of the 7.1 release of aspenONE V7 Engineering is February 27, 2009.

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