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10 May 2010

IMplementation Investments

OHB Technology AG Chooses HyperWorks as Standard CAE Development Platform

Altair Engineering, Inc. announced that OHB Technology AG has increased its usage of HyperWorks to consolidate its pre- and post-processing tools to one software suite across all subsidiary companies of the group, including OHB-System, MT Aerospace, Luxspace and Kayser-Threde.

In this context, HyperWorks was selected to be the standard computer-aided engineering (CAE) development platform across the entire OHB Technology AG organization. HyperMesh and HyperView will be used in all current and future development projects, among them the Galileo satellites, a project OHB recently won, as well as other satellite and space projects, including the SGEO and the EnMAP satellites or to develop racks for the International Space Station.

"Since engineers from different companies of our group work concurrently on development projects, it was important for us to harmonize our development tools, especially our pre-processing software to one CAE environment," said Ulrich Schulz, chief operating officer, OHB Technology AG. "Moreover, because of the challenge represented by the development of complex space systems under extreme scheduling pressure, our engineers must be able to rely on simulation tools that offer not only technical excellence but are also flexible and efficient. HyperWorks provides us with what we need: HyperMesh and HyperView are now daily used by our structural engineers as the standard CAE development platform, Altair's optimization tool, OptiStruct, offers an ideal solution to support structural concept design, and the third party partner products of the HyperWorks Partner Alliance allow us to cover niche applications at no additional costs. The licensing system, which offers a flexible access to all the tools we need group wide, was an extra benefit for Altair's CAE suite."

"The decision of OHB Technology AG to make HyperWorks its standard CAE platform shows that we have the technology and the commercial offering our customers need," said Dr. Detlef Schneider, managing director, Altair Engineering GmbH. "Some of the group's subsidiaries have been using HyperWorks for a long time already. To broaden the use of our CAE suite to all development departments within the group will help OHB to consolidate development efforts and will enhance collaboration between the different companies. The HyperWorks licensing system guarantees an efficient and flexible workflow and we are very proud that HyperWorks is used in such an important future driving project as the Galileo program."

About OHB Technology AG

The European company for Space Technology & Security, Telematics and Satellite Services domiciled in Bremen, OHB Technology AG is Germany's first listed space technology company. With over 25 years of experience in high technology together with its integrated skills in the areas of aviation, aerospace and telematics, the Group is ideally positioned in Europe. Its four business units "Space Systems + Security", "Payloads + Science", "Space International", "Space Transportation + Aerospace Structures" and "Telematics + Satellite Operations" offer international customers sophisticated solutions and systems.

Total consolidated revenues came to EUR 320 million in 2009. Since the stock market flotation in 2001 and the integration of the Space Systems business unit in the OHB Group in 2002 as well as the acquisition of MT Aerospace AG in 2005, Kayser-Threde GmbH in 2007 and Carlo Gavazzi Space in 2009, total revenues have risen from EUR 15.0 million (2001) to EUR 320 million. OHB Technology AG currently has around 1,600 employees.

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