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18 March 2013

Product News

ZW3D 2013 Launches: Liberating Designers with Improved Efficiency

ZWSOFT today unveiled ZW3D 2013, the next generation of its flexible CAD/CAM software available for all types of 3D modeling and machining.

“The new version of ZW3D is aimed at streamlining design workflow for designers, engineers, and construction professionals,” said Colin Lin, Vice Director of ZW3D Overseas Business. “It optimizes the efficiency of various design tasks and shortens the development cycle through its improved CAD performance, greater flexibility of its CAM Manager, and simplified 3D molding processes.”

Increased Efficiency in CAD Design

ZW3D 2013 makes great strides in improving the efficiency for designers through a number of great enhancements:

  • Smart Constraint. When designers establish constraints for several objects, ZW3D 2013 will generate constraint options automatically and intelligently.
  • Constraint Detection. When designers need to find and resolve constraint conflicts, ZW3D 2013 allows them to do it in a single click.
  • History Manager with Drag and Drop Functionality. When designers intend to make quick modifications to models, ZW3D 2013 allows simple drag and drop operations managed by History Manager.

During the beta test of ZW3D 2013, several new CAD features received positive feedback from users for their operational efficiency. Gary, Smith, a tester from USA, commented, “Changing the menu by drag and drop! I like to load up the Document-Aware toolbar with frequently-used commands. Now it’s easier than ever.”

Simplified Machining Workflow

ZW3D’s intelligent CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) module makes machining easier and safer, streamlining the workflow tremendously and reducing design errors before production as well. In the new 2013 release, the CAM Manager is redesigned to make work more flexible and manageable. Designers can easily manage all items with the Fold function, such as geometry, operation and output.

New containments provide better machining tool paths, including tangent-to-open-edges, silhouettes, and face curves. Extended containments ensure maximum cutting angle of part surfaces, which helps improve machining accuracy and quality.

William, Koontz, a tester from Poland commented on the new CAM features, “ZW3D 2013 is a next big step for its user-friendly interface and interactions; I especially like the new tool manager very much.”

Improved 3D Mold Efficiency

Standard parts and mold base libraries are essential to mold designers. Customized libraries provided by ZW3D 2013 will allow users to save their standard industrial parts and mold bases in ZW3D libraries for future reuse, saving a huge amount of design time and shortening the development cycle.

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