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26 February 2013

Product News

Mech-Q CAD Engineering Software - Releases New Server Version

A new Mech-Q network version was recently released which allows AutoCAD® users to run the engineering software locally on each workstation. In addition, a central server controls the site-wide licensing.

Mech-Q is a full featured AutoCAD® add-on which includes four major engineering modules all included 2D and 3D drafting routines. These include: 

  • Mechanical (Nuts, Bolts, Material Handling and more)
  • Piping (3D, ISO, Dbl., Single, P&ID and more)
  • Ducting (3D, 2D, Rectangular Round and more)
  • Structural (Steel Shapes, Detailing ,Stairs and more)

The main advantage of the new version is the speed at which the tools load into AutoCAD® and all its supported vertical applications. Previously, Mech-Q network versions required the entire engineering software modules to reside on the server. Now, only a license manager is required to be installed on the server.

The installation requires two setup files - Firstly the license manager is installed on the Server and secondly the core files (approx. 8MB) are installed on each workstation. The new Mech-A network version offers improved speed and added versatility for larger firms.

Victor Abela, President at, explains "The new Mech-Q server release is something we've been working hard on to complete for 2013. It will allow offices with even hundreds of workstations to access our tools at impressive speeds."

The U.S. based CAD engineering software company showcases complete programs and Add-ons for various applications such as AutoCAD® and IntelliCAD. Recently CADavenue announced AViCAD, a new Alternative for engineers using either AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® LT.

The US based website features both Mech-Q and a standalone CAD application called AViCAD. Various modules are also offered which include Piping, Ducting, Structural and Mechanical utilities.

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