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28 February 2013

Product News

Nuage Releases CaféBiz, The Company’s Solution for Social Business Collaboration with Integrated Document Routing

Nuage, a provider of Social Business Collaboration solutions, announced the release of CaféBiz, the company’s business solution for document sharing with integrated document routing in a social computing environment.

Designed to streamline the document and knowledge sharing process and improve collaborative efforts amongst organizational teams, CaféBiz is the next go-to solution for generating business efficiencies both within organizations and with external business partners. Built on the Nuage Café chassis, users have access to all the benefits currently offered via Nuage Café plus the added capabilities of document routing. Product features include:

  • Check-In/Check-out – Unlike other document sharing tools on the market, Nuage Café allows users to check-in and check-out documents so revisions can easily be made without conflicting content from one user to the next.
  • Versioning – Every time a document is checked in, the version number is incremented. Users also have the ability to access and download previous versions of the document.
  • Collaboration Portal – Collaborate on a platform that functions like social media tools, so you can feel at home with work and optimize performance.
  • Chat – Chat in real time with colleagues for on-the-spot collaborative results.
  • Document Routing – Bring order to the chaos of email document sharing with CaféBiz’s integrated routing solution.
    • Create and save routing lists that include any mix of approval, review, and “FYI” tasks for individuals and groups
    • Assign due dates to each entry in a routing list
    • Optionally give others permission to use any routing list
    • Allow authorized users to attach a routing list to any document or folder of documents and initiate the routing
    • View the state of in-process routings
    • Audit the history of completed routings
    • Automatically notify participants when it is their turn in the routing and when action is overdue
    • Keep involved parties automatically up-to-date about progress, overdue requests, and completion of each routing

CaféBiz is available to consumers by subscription for a monthly fee of $30 USD per user. An annual subscription is also available for $330 USD per user. Through March 31, 2013 Nuage is offering the following limited time product release promotions, which in addition to lower pricing, include an extra 2GB of storage space for a total of 4GB:

  • Monthly – $19.99 USD per month per subscribed user (for the first three (3) months of subscription)
  • Annual – $219.89 USD for 12 months per subscribed user (for the first year of subscription)

To subscribe, visit and join the Nuage Café community free of charge. Then, click ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Subscription’ option to upgrade to a CaféBiz account. If you’re already a Nuage Café member, simply go to your settings and select the ‘Subscription’ option to upgrade.

“CaféBiz is the perfect solution for businesses that are unable or unwilling to invest in traditional, high-cost solutions for collaboration and document routing capabilities,” said Nuage CEO, Chris Atkins. “With the subscription model, our new product not only meets demand for a lower price point, but is also a strong solution for enhancing document sharing processes. The value is not only in the added document routing capability, which brings order to the mayhem of more undeveloped approaches to document review and approval, but also in being able to use social computing to share business files and collaborate all in one convenient location that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.”

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