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28 February 2013

Product News

Redsdk Bridge for Parasolid: A Ready to Use Connection between Parasolid and Redsdk

Redsdk Bridge for Parasolid is an interface available free of charge to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who license Parasolid® from Siemens PLM Software and Redsdk from Redway3d, enabling a seamless connection between the two technologies in customer applications. The source code for Redsdk Bridge for Parasolid is delivered without copyright and can be freely developed and distributed by ISVs.

Full viewer example included

Redsdk Bridge for Parasolid comes with a cross-platform viewer, which enables the opening, visualization and the picking and selection of all Parasolid models in an interactive way. The viewer also enables users to save a Parasolid model as a ".red" file, which is the native file format of Redsdk.

Use of the ".red" file format is not required to benefit from Redsdk, but since the format enables both high compression and multi-threaded loading of data, many Redsdk customers choose to integrate it as their application’s native file format, or as a subset of the format.

The ".red" file format also enables Redsdk programmers to interact with Parasolid data through the Redsdk utilities, in order to set up materials and photo-realistic renderings, as shown in the video opposite.

Complete source code available at no cost

In order to accelerate the integration of Parasolid and Redsdk, the complete source code of the viewer is delivered to programmers free of charge, with no restrictions regarding its use. Redsdk and Parasolid customers can therefore easily integrate the viewer source code into their own application as the basis for their software viewport, modifying the behavior of the viewer as required.

How to request an evaluation

If you are not a Parasolid customer already, you can request a Parasolid evaluation on the Siemens PLM website. The Redway3d products (Redsdk, Redsdk Bridge for Parasolid, etc.) can be requested on the evaluation page.

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