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14 September 2007

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CIMdata at PDT Europe 2007

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24th -26th of September
Geneva, Switzerland

PDT Europe 2007, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland 24-26 September, is organized by Eurostep in cooperation with CIMdata and Pathway Guidance Europe. The theme of this year's event is PLM - The BIG PICTURE, Managing HW, SW, and Documentation. PDT Europe 2007 provides an opportunity for the business-, industrial-, and scientific communities to report, monitor, and discuss the increasingly rapid progress made within the PDT, PDM, PLM, and CM methodologies and their industrial/commercial applications.

For more information please contact Eurostep AB, Drottninggatan 68, 111 21 Stockholm, Sweden,, phone: +46 8 200 440, fax: +46 8 200 399.


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