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25 April 2008

CIMdata PLM Industry Summary

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CIMdata Online Polls

CIMdata is now featuring online polls with real time reporting on our web site at Each week the results of the previous poll will be included in the CIMdata PLM Industry Summary to help you stay on top of trends in the PLM industry.

Take a moment to visit the site and vote on our current poll.

The results for the last opinion poll are:

The poll indicates that 35% of responders consider PLM implementation to be as complex as implementing an ERP solution.

Another 26% of responders indicated that PLM implementation was more complex than ERP. For large enterprises, PLM implementations generally encompass a significant amount of process change and integration with other business and technology applications. This can require a major amount of services and can have significant impact on how people work. Such change is inherently complex – similar to or more so than many ERP implementations.

Some 39% indicated that PLM implementation was easier than ERP implementation. For smaller enterprises, PLM implementations tend to be more narrowly focused than those at larger companies. This results in less integration, process impact and other changes. PLM implementations of smaller scope can be completed in a much short time than ERP implementations at the same company.

The results of the poll reinforce that larger implementations (and most PLM implementations to date have been in larger enterprises) much be planned and executed as would any other enterprise level system – and can be just as complex.

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