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25 February 2009

Product News

ROHR2 Update 30.3b - Pipe Stress Analysis Now Released

SIGMA GmbH, announces the release of ROHR2 30.3b.

ROHR2 is a leading European Software for Pipe Stress Analysis, a standard tool for pipe static and structural framework analysis, covering a variety of specifications like ASME, ANSI, KTA, EN 13480, STOOMWEZEN D1101, BS 7159 and ISO 14692.

The new release ROHR2 30.3b adds several features like:

   New report generation module in ROHR2 - creating a calculation report including input data and results

   Revised ROHR2 implemented Stress Codes, ASME Cl. 1, 2, 3

   Extended automatic analyses of wind loads

   Life-time input for creep strength analysis

For details please refer to the ROHR2 30.3b update info or visit for a detailed overview about the features of ROHR2, additional programs and interfaces.

The ROHR2 STATIC and DYNAMIC standard version now includes the Neutral CAD interface and PDMS input/output integration. There are several options to integrate ROHR2 into your IT-Structure like single user licenses, network licenses or multi-user solutions.

A large portfolio of interfaces for CAD and CAE systems, a user integrating software training and the maintenance concept including program updates and user support complete the functionality of ROHR2.

About: ROHR2

ROHR2 is one of the leading Pipe Stress Analysis tools, standard software for static and dynamic analysis of piping systems and structural frameworks.

The software is equipped with a range of additional features enhancing the engineer’s daily job, as there are FEM analysis, isometric capabilities and a wide range of interfaces covering the leading CAD/CAE systems.

ROHR2 is developed continuously in order to incorporate the ongoing changes in the stress calculation codes and norms but also to improve the user interface and extend the capabilities of ROHR2 according to the user’s needs.

About: SIGMA

SIGMA, established in 1989 in Dortmund, Germany has emerged as a partner of choice for leading international companies with its software and the wide variety of engineering services. SIGMA is known as one of the leading engineering specialists in the Pipe Stress Business in Europe, offering field tested products, strongly adapted to the user’s needs.


SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Bertha-von-Suttner-Allee 19

D-59423 Unna


Tel +49 2303 33233-0

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