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12 September 2008

CIMdata PLM Industry Summary

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CIMdata PLM Market Analysis 2008 Report "Actuals through 2007, Forecasts through 2012"

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CIMdata PLM Market Analysis – 2008 Report “Actuals through 2007, Forecasts through 2012” comes in two modules.

This report presents an analysis of the 2007 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market. It includes analyses of the overall PLM market and its various sectors. These include cPDm, Tools and Tools sub-sectors, and Digital Manufacturing. This analysis provides CIMdata’s perspective on PLM across a variety of industry and geographic sectors, identifies market trends, reviews investments in PLM-related software and services during 2007, and forecasts PLM investments for 2008 through 2012. The forecasts are based on data available through the first quarter of 2008. It is important to note that the data and revenue information presented in this report are CIMdata’s estimates of the PLM revenue performance of the various suppliers. The PLM Market Analysis Report comes in two modules:

Module 1 presents an overview of the PLM market, overall market statistics, and an analysis of PLM suppliers' performance in 2007.

Module 2 builds on the information presented in Module 1 by providing detailed geographic and industry 2007 PLM revenue results and forecasts from 2008 to 2012.

The PLM Market Analysis Report is sold as a stand-alone report or as part of the CIMdata PLM Community Membership.

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CIMdata is now featuring online polls with real time reporting on our web site at Each week the results of the previous poll will be included in the CIMdata PLM Industry Summary to help you stay on top of trends in the PLM industry.

Take a moment to visit the site and vote on our current poll.

The results for the last opinion poll are:

Bar Graph Poll on Have you Established Metrics for Your PLM Solutions

NOTE: The results of these polls are anecdotal, not scientific.
If you have a suggestion for a poll you'd like to see contact us at

The results of CIMdata's latest on-line poll show that just over 50% of responders indicated that their companies have not established metrics to track business, productivity or process improvements related to their PLM solution deployments. However 23% indicated that they had metrics for engineering and another 23% indicated that they had established metrics in other areas (enterprise wide 13%, and other non-engineering or manufacturing 11%).

CIMdata strongly recommends that companies use metrics to track and validate the impact of their PLM solutions on the business. Only by measuring changes can they quantify the return on their investment and identify areas and processes that have been improved, or those that need additional effort to be improved. Failure to measure can result in incorrect perceptions of the impact of PLM investments on the business and make it difficult to justify further investments. Further, the use of appropriate metrics helps communicate the benefits that PLM provides to individuals and managers within the enterprise that are being affected by PLM-related changes in processes and methods.

While many of the early metrics were focused on the engineering processes and departments, the trend to use enterprise level metrics that look beyond engineering reflects the knowledge that PLM can have a broader impact on a company. Metrics that look at enterprise performance can help management understand both the overall impact of PLM and how it should be positioned compared to other business investments.

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