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Peter A. Bilello


Peter Bilello has more than 26 years of experience in the development of business-enabling IT solutions for research, engineering, and manufacturing organizations worldwide. He has participated in PLM analysis, selection, implementation, and training; CAD/CAM/CAE/CIM implementation and management; synchronous and lean manufacturing consulting; software engineering; and general data management strategy development and support. He has authored numerous papers and research reports on PLM and related topics, and his articles, commentaries, and perspectives have appeared in publications throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Mr. Bilello has been directly involved with consultation on the selection, integration, and implementation of large-scale PLM solutions. He has spoken on a number of different PLM-related topics in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Mr. Bilello holds a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Physics from California State University, Fullerton, and an MSE in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from The University of Michigan.

John MacKrell


John MacKrell has over 40 years of experience in the application of computer-based solutions to engineering and manufacturing, with more than 20 years at CIMdata. He has held senior positions in product management, marketing, research and development, and consulting.

Mr. MacKrell’s experience includes marketing and product management, market analysis, solid modeling, and data management systems.

Mr. MacKrell consults on PLM strategies; best practices; collaboration and knowledge sharing; PLM ROI and benefits; and developing end-user plans for the acquisition and implementation of PLM technologies – including PDM, data visualization, collaboration, CAD, and digital manufacturing.

Mr. MacKrell is a frequent speaker at conferences, trade shows, and seminars throughout the world. He is author or co-author of numerous technology guides and has authored a number of books and articles related to PLM.

Mr. MacKrell holds a BS in Naval Architecture from The University of Michigan.

Stanley M. Przybylinski

Vice President

Stan Przybylinski has over 30 years of experience in the development of business-enabling IT solutions for research, engineering, and manufacturing organizations worldwide. He has worked in R&D, marketing, and communications with both Fortune 100 companies and small organizations. Mr. Przybylinski is responsible for CIMdata’s research agenda, including the CIMdata PLM Market Analysis Report series.

Mr. Przybylinski has been directly involved with selection, consulting, integration, and implementation of large-scale PLM solutions, and has worked on projects for both PLM solution suppliers and end-user organizations in the automotive, aerospace, consumer packaged goods, high-tech, and medical devices industries. He has spoken on PLM-related topics in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Prior to joining CIMdata, Mr. Przybylinski was Manager of Market and Competitive Intelligence for Dassault Systèmes.

Mr. Przybylinski holds both a BS and an MS in Mathematics from the University of Vermont, and an MBA in Finance from New York University.

James R. Watch

Chief Financial Officer

James Watch has over 35 years of experience in corporate finance, operations, and administration. After serving as a commercial loan officer for Comerica Bank, he worked for a medium-sized privately held industrial-machine builder, as well as for a Detroit-based distributor of factory automation equipment. Prior to joining CIMdata, Mr. Watch spent 13 years as Director of Finance and Administration for the United States subsidiary of a Mexican-based tier one automotive supplier. During that time he was responsible for all US administration including treasury, tax, multi-plant and multi-state accounting; information systems; human resources; fleet management; warehouse operations; and JIT import/export logistics.

Mr. Watch holds a BBA in Marketing and an MBA in Finance from The University of Michigan.

Gerard Litjens

Vice President EMEA

Gerard Litjens has over 30 years of experience in information and communication technology, product and plant lifecycle management, and other business-enabling solutions for research, engineering, and manufacturing organizations worldwide. He has held various positions in consulting, management, business development, business analysis, education, and ROI development of PDM/PLM, supply chain management, and ERP solutions.

As a CIMdata consultant, Mr. Litjens provides in-depth analysis, strategic and tactical business planning, market and channel development, and training services to a range of IT, PLM, CAD/CAM, and ERP solution providers, systems integrators, and resellers. He also provides PLM strategy assessments, benefits analysis, system selection, education, training, and implementation planning services to a range of companies in both discrete and process manufacturing industries. Prior to joining CIMdata, Mr. Litjens held training, development, and management positions at Cap Gemini, and worked at Philips Electronics, where his responsibilities included the development and implementation of a solution for software configuration management.

Mr. Litjens holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Hogeschool Eindhoven.

Venki Agaram
Venkatesh Agaram, Ph.D.

Director, Quality & Reliability Engineering Consulting Practice

Venkatesh “Venki” Agaram is Director, Quality & Reliability Engineering Consulting Practice, at CIMdata—an internationally recognized authority on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Dr. Agaram has over 35 years of experience, spread across industry and academia, covering - research & development, virtual engineering, reliability of simulations, complex materials systems, controlled mechanical systems, design for six sigma, structured innovation, innovation culture enhancement, regulatory compliance, recall mitigation, process modeling, market strategy, business transformation, and business development.

Dr. Agaram is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars, and he is author or co-author of numerous publications in journals and proceedings on the diverse subjects in which he has been active. Dr. Agaram is on several SAE standards committees and he is the Chair of the Task Force on Verification and Validation of On-Road Automated Vehicles.

Dr. Agaram’s eclectic background makes him ideally suited for dealing with Quality & Reliability Engineering of products and processes which are growing exponentially in their complexity due to high levels of connectivity and artificial intelligence. The complexity of information associated with smart connected products and processes makes it extremely difficult to guarantee their robustness. Dr. Agaram leads the effort at CIMdata to transform industry practices that would result in more effective association between Knowledge Management and Quality & Reliability Engineering, to improve the robustness of smart connected products and processes.

Dr. Agaram holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA, from the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

Cheryl Peck

Director of Marketing

Cheryl Peck has over 30 years of project management experience and is responsible for CIMdata's marketing and customer support activities. She also manages the annual PLM Road Map conference. Ms. Peck joined CIMdata following the acquisition of CPDA in May, 2011. Ms. Peck has been associated with CPDA and its predecessor, D.H. Brown Associates, since 1997.

Previously Ms. Peck was head of North American Training for NatWest Markets (NatWest), a global financial services concern. Other assignments with NatWest included positions in London, San Francisco, and New York, where she managed relationships and structured transactions for that firm’s energy, insurance, and public finance clients.

Ms. Peck has a BSc (Hons) in Policy Studies from the University of Kent at Canterbury, and is a Chartered Associate of the Institute of Financial Services.

James L. Roche

Practice Director, Aerospace & Defense

Jim Roche has over 30 years of experience in transformation and IT enablement of product development and manufacturing processes. He has been strategic advisor and program manager for PLM programs across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Mr. Roche was PLM Practice Manager at CSC Consulting and at A.T. Kearney. During that period, he led development and delivery of PLM offerings and consulting services for international clients in the aero, auto, consumer products, high-tech, and medical devices industries.

Previously with EDS, Mr. Roche served as chief architect for General Motors' worldwide engineering systems and as head technical negotiator for strategic supplier contracts. He went on to manage EDS' business development and delivery resources for PLM, with a team of over 100 professionals providing PLM solutions to General Motors and other large manufacturers. Earlier, Mr. Roche was a Project Manager at the GM Technical Center for advanced manufacturing-engineering programs in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Automotive Composites, and Metal Casting.

Mr. Roche holds a BS in Physics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute; as a post-graduate he studied Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering at Wayne State University and the University of Rochester.

Don Tolle
Donald Tolle

Director, Simulation-Driven Systems Development Consulting Practice

Donald Tolle (Don) is the Director, Simulation-Driven Systems Development Practice, for CIMdata—an internationally recognized authority on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology and best practices. Mr. Tolle brings to CIMdata and his clients more than 35 years of industry experience in the disciplines of virtual product design, development, and performance validation working with global manufacturing companies in the automotive, aerospace/defense, industrial equipment, marine, consumer products, medical products, and high-tech electronics industries.

Mr. Tolle has been intimately involved in the development and application of virtual prototyping processes and tools since the early days of the SDRC consulting business, where he was involved in the application of both computer-aided test (CAT) and computer-aided analysis (CAE) tools to solve product development issues across a wide range of industries. He subsequently used this hands-on knowledge of industry requirements and technology gaps to guide the development of next generation tools and processes at SDRC/UGS/Siemens PLM to enable the adoption of virtual prototyping techniques earlier in the product design cycle before costly commitments are made to physical prototyping and manufacturing tooling.

His current areas of focus and interest center on the definition and adoption of model-based engineering methodologies and tools to connect the disparate and “loosely connected” disciplines involved with systems engineering and conceptual design (requirements and system architecture definition, mechanical, electrical, software, controls) and the persistent use of robust system models throughout the product development lifecycle.

Mr. Tolle holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati.

James White
James D. White

Director, Additive Manufacturing Strategy Consulting Practice

James White is the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Strategy Practice Director, for CIMdata—an internationally recognized authority on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Mr. White brings to CIMdata and its clients over 30 years of PLM, Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing, and general manufacturing industry experience. He held roles in Fortune 1000 software and consulting companies responsible for Product Management, Sales Management, Strategic Alliances, Major Account Management, and Business Development. He has extensive experience in market development, new product introduction, and client management across the various geographies in which he has lived. Mr. White’s extensive industry experience includes Hi-Tech, Medical Device, Software, and Heavy Industrial, delivering new disruptive products, systems, and solutions.

While working for HP in Germany, Mr. White led go-to-market strategy and launch of HP’s 3D CAD product on the first ever non-HP technical workstation (SGI and SUN). This involved differentiating the software product feature set, establishing new channels, training/launch events, product support, marketing collateral development, and establishing new lighthouse reference customers. Additionally, Mr. White, while stationed in Asia for HP, grew HP’s Asian CAD/PLM business dramatically by working closely with local in-country resources, supported by HP USA, Europe, and Japan. Significant PLM customers included (Korea) Samsung Electronics and LG; (Malaysia) Proton and Perodua; (Singapore) ABB Vetco Gray and Siemens.

As the Director of Strategic Alliances at Autodesk in the USA, Mr. White led AM partnerships with Stratasys, 3D Systems, and HP. Internally, Mr. White coordinated Autodesk’s AM efforts across different groups, i.e., Office of the CTO, Consumer products, R&D, Manufacturing, etc. This aided better decision making both internally and in conjunction with partners, ultimately leading to released AM products and technologies.

In 2016, Mr. White formed an LLC company to help clients balance the competing forces of adopting new Technology, new Processes, with the needs/limits of people; a common situation faced when deploying enterprise PLM.

Mr. White’s passion for AM/3D Printing comes from a belief customers need guidance to fully take advantage of recent advances in AM materials, machines, and design tools. Commonly, customers focus on a few low volume complex parts to evaluate AM as an alternative to traditional methods. Mr. White, in partnership with CIMdata’s practices in Simulation-Driven Systems Development, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, and other PLM-enabling practices, offers an holistic end-to-end approach encompassing 1) Product Complexity reduction using AM; 2) Lifecycle justification for AM production; 3) Design-for-AM (DFAM) methodologies; and 4) Hybrid AM/Traditional manufacturing best practices. Additionally, strategic consulting for specific cases such as prototyping and single part AM production are in-scope of the Additive Manufacturing Strategy Consulting Practice.

Mr. White holds an NZCE from Otago University New Zealand and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business and Marketing from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Thomas A. Gill

Practice Manager, PLM Enterprise Value & Integration

Tom Gill has over 30 years of experience applying computer-based solutions to engineering and manufacturing. Before joining CIMdata he worked as an independent PLM consultant, after spending over 20 years at high-volume manufacturing companies.

Mr. Gill has worked on projects in numerous industries, including fabrication & assembly, food & beverage, defense, chemical, and medical devices. He has executed PLM strategy projects, solution evaluation-and-selection projects, deployment planning, and training development for industrial clients. He delivers solution providers competitive and technical product analyses, white papers, and case studies.

Mr. Gill led a team that developed and deployed a PLM system to manage engineering and quality processes, and has participated in enterprise system projects including RFQ management, material development, and environmental systems. He has presented papers both nationally and internationally.

Mr. Gill holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine, and is Configuration Management certified.

Janie L. Gurley

PLM Community Practice Manager

Janie Gurley, PLM Community Practice Manager at CIMdata, has over 26 years of professional experience demonstrating broad experience in understanding and supporting strategic business execution with broad-based expertise in product development solutions within manufacturing. As a senior consultant at CIMdata, Ms. Gurley is responsible for the management and execution of CIMdata’s services delivered to PLM solution providers, including the coordination and execution of CIMdata’s global PLM Community and associated solution provider strategic management consulting activities.

Prior to joining CIMdata, Ms. Gurley, as a Strategic Business Analyst and Program Manager, worked on projects in numerous industries, including aerospace, steel, steam engineering product solutions, engineered flow solutions (pumps, valves, and seals), mechanical and industrial engineering (oil and gas, power, chemical, water, pharmaceuticals and bio-based consumer goods), in-store and retail bakery ingredients/food production, coffee and brewers, fiberglass yarn, and casino slot games. Ms. Gurley comes from Capgemini as Senior Consultant/Manager where she was part of the North America PLM consulting team and was responsible for helping Fortune 500 clients and consulting team support strategic processes and software solution implementations.

Ms. Gurley holds a MS in Management and BS in Business Administration from Southern Wesleyan University, Columbia, South Carolina, as well as being certified for Scrum Master, Pragmatic Marketing, Business Analysis, and CIMdata PLM certification Program for PLM Technologists.

Keith Meintjes
Keith Meintjes, Ph.D.

Executive Consultant

Dr. Keith Meintjes has over 35 years of experience in the development and application of simulation tools to transform product development. His achievements include novel methods for combustion simulation, patents for engine design, and strategic planning for the world’s largest commercial HPC facility.

Dr. Meintjes joined CIMdata when they acquired CPDA, where he was Research Director for CAE and managed CPDA’s Design/Simulation Council. Previously, he spent nearly 30 years at General Motors.

At GM Dr. Meintjes was responsible for the engineering requirements for GM’s Global CAE IT infrastructure and was named Senior Technical Fellow. At GM Powertrain he held strategic, planning, and management positions, to embed simulation tools in the powertrain product development process. Earlier, at the GM Research Laboratories, Dr. Meintjes developed thermodynamic and CFD simulation models for engine performance and combustion, and was instrumental in GM’s acquisition of a Cray supercomputer.

Dr. Meintjes holds BSc and MSc degrees in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialty in Aeronautics, from the University of the Witwatersrand, and an MA and Ph.D. from Princeton University.

Frank Popielas
Frank Popielas

Executive Consultant

Frank Popielas is an Executive Consultant for CIMdata in the Simulation-Driven Systems Development (SDSD) Practice, focusing on the integration of physics-based behavior modeling and simulation technologies and processes with systems level engineering methodologies and tools— commonly referred to today as Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

Mr. Popielas brings to CIMdata over 20 years of global experience in product engineering, R&D, and IP management, as well as testing and materials development, with a specific focus on the development and application of multi-physics and multi-domain modeling and simulation tools. This included the definition and implementation of the required supporting IT infrastructure for simulation data and process management at Dana Holding Corporation. His expertise includes technology exchange and transfer, business assessments in engineering, and manufacturing, focusing on virtual product engineering, as well as process development and democratization of software applications in this area.

Mr. Popielas has been a member of the NAFEMS Americas Steering Committee since 2011 and founding chairman of the joint System Modeling and Simulation Working Group (SMSWG) between NAFEMS and INCOSE since 2013. His activities and achievements include over 35 granted patents on the areas of sealing, shielding, and fuel cells; over 30 publications covering all the mentioned areas with a focus on virtual product engineering, its tools and practices; numerous presentations and speaking engagements at industry conferences and various companies; interviews, case studies, and teaching engagements at high schools and community colleges.

Mr. Popielas was born in Germany, and received his MSc degree in Engineering, majoring in Theoretical Physics, from the Technological University (MIS&A – Institute for Steels and Alloys) in Moscow, Russia. Frank is fluent in English, German, and Russian.

Ken Versprille, Ph.D.

Executive Consultant

Dr. Ken Versprille has over 40 years of experience in the application of computer-based solutions for engineering and manufacturing. He joined CIMdata after 16 years heading the Design Creation and Validation service at CPDA. His research spans geometric design, design collaboration and automation, PLM standards and openness, and the integration of CAD across PLM applications.

During 15 years at Computervision, Dr. Versprille became the equivalent of CTO, and was R&D Vice President of core applications. He was a lead architect of the CADDS 4 product, with responsibility for the initial design of Computervision’s 3D graphics system. As General Manager of CV-Doors, he led the group that introduced and managed the CAD industry’s first geometric kernel business.

Dr. Versprille received a BS in Mathematics from the University of New Hampshire. His MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science are from Syracuse University. Dr. Versprille is recognized for publishing the first description of NURBS, the mathematical curve-and-surface formulation, now an international standard in CAD and Computer Graphics. In 2005 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award by The CAD Society.


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